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Hua Hin September 2020 Tour Report

Hua Hin September 2020 Tour Report


Another amazing Hua Hin Legend tour has unfortunately come to end, what a great tour group of 30 golfers where new friends were made and old friends were reunited, a truly Legendary tour!

Let me take you through the journey of our week where we started on Sunday traveling to Hua Hin with a swift check-in at Wannara Hotel. A few beers later and we had our opening ceremony that includes handing out of the tour group shirts and the exciting Calcutta. After concluding the ceremony everyone went scavenging for food at the nearest restaurant they could find.

Day 1:
Breakfast was early that included some good proteins and carbs to fuel the days golf. We all departed in a timely fashion and on our way to Springfield Golf Course we were. Tee off was at 09:36 and the 8 groups moved smoothly and swiftly one after the other after getting the breakdown of the golf rules and their handicaps. After a warm day of golf the we all went back to separate hotels where some continued with a few cold ones and others just had food and an early night (smart). Unfortunately for some of us, Hua Hin Walking street was quiet but nonetheless we would have a few drinks.


Detail results for Day 1 at Springfield can be found at this link:

Day 2:
We had a bit of a later tee off at 10am at Banyan on Tuesday. The course looked amazing with its breath taking views, golf went smoothly other than a few groups getting wet. Afterwards most went back to the hotels to relax before some attempted a late night. This was successful for some who managed to stay out until 2am, but for most it was a few drinks here and there, and maybe some pool, and then back to the hotels.

Detail results for Day 2 at Banyan can be found at this link:

Day 3 was day off and most golfers took the night to relax and recuperate for the last game which was a game changer for some.

Day 4:
The last day of golf and definitely the hottest day out of all the days, but with such an amazing view as the Black Mountain Golf Course there was no mistaking that it was going to be a great day. Everyone was out on the putting and chipping greens to prepare to take the big win home. The high stakes made it more intense but all were friendly and ready.

Detail results for Day 3 golf at Black Mountain can be found at this link:


Upon return to the Hotel everyone got ready for the evenings presentation at Nina’s bar. At Nina’s, an amazing variety of Thai food was provided including some fresh fruit, with players reflecting on the weeks successes and losses. The results of the presentation are as follows with prizes upwards of Thb 40,000:

All the final results for our tour can be found here:


And the Calcutta points awards can be found here:



After prizes were handed out, everyone continued on their quest to drink and celebrate the great tour we had. Some went a little overboard and felt rough on Friday to the point where the ‘don’t look at me or talk to me’ rule was implied.

Lastly, thanks again to all our golfers and we hope to see you all in good health and Corona free at our next Hua Hin Legends Tour in March next year!

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