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Monday, 12 November 2018 17:51

Pattana Wed 7 Nov

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Published in November 2018
Monday, 28 May 2018 17:46

Pattana Wed 16 May

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Published in May 2018
Thursday, 12 April 2018 16:37

Pattana Wed 4 Apr

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Published in April 2018

Pattaya's inaugaral Songkran tournament was held on 16, 17, and 19 April at Burapha, Pattana and Khao Keow golf courses. In total, 68 players joined us although some players did not play all three days. 

A great thank you to our sponsors, Pattaya Car Rental being the main sponsor. Outback Golf Shop, Chaba Massage and McAllen insurance who contributed for the fabulous prizes that was on offer for the winners and for novelty prizes. Together with other banner sponsors supporting this event, it sets a great benchmark for a 3 day golf tournament in Pattaya, and we will definately be back in future with this format with heaps of prizes.

After a rain shortened 2nd day, the tournament was open for the taking with several players in the running. After the last day's play, 7 players finished within 2 shots of each other, so it was a very tight result. Overall 3rd place was won by Hisahiko Makino with 110 points, beating several other players on count back. In 2nd place, losing on a countback based on the better overall score was Myles Knowlson who played very good golf on day 2 and 3 to finish on 111. In the end, the fabulous day 1 round of one over gross 73 which was posted on day 1, helped Dave Stockmanto stay in the lead and win our inaugural Songkran tournament of 2018. Dave was also the low gross champion.

Plenty of food, a good time after and fantastic atmosphere at the Prize presentation makes this a memorable tournament and thanks again to everyone that participated and help make the tournament a success.

If you want to see a lot more photos of the winners and the event, you can view them on Facebook bly clicking HERE

Songkran Tournament 2018 Winner 520

Songkran Day 1 2 3 Totals 520

Published in April 2018
Saturday, 07 April 2018 16:20

Pattana Wed 21 Mar

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Published in March 2018
Tuesday, 13 June 2017 07:26

Matchplay vs TPL Tue 6 June

Following a rained out matchplay attempt against TPL two weeks ago, we had our rematch at Pattana again on 6 June. Spirits were high, and this time around there were a lot more players that participated - all of 52 in fact!

As it were, the rain came again, and a couple of groups thought it was a good opportunity to pack it in, even though the rain lasted for just more than an hour! For the rest, we werent gonna let a bit of rain stop us again and after a bit more than an hour's delay, we continued to battle it out.

On the loosing end this time, Mickey Beresford reluctantly handed over the trophy to Andre from the Outback, having lost 7 1/2 vs 5 1/2. Mickey promised revenge and we looked forward to it! We'll have a rematch again, that's for sure!

GolfReport Pattana 6Jun 3 520


Published in June 2017
Friday, 19 May 2017 23:36

Pattana Wed 3 May

GolfReport Pattana 3May b

Published in May 2017
Wednesday, 19 April 2017 13:02

Pattana Tue 18 April

Only 1 two today by Steve Mellis!

GolfReport Pattana Tuesday 18Apr 520

Published in April 2017
Monday, 27 March 2017 10:08

Monthly Matchplay - Pattana Tue 21 Mar

Welcoming our German Swiss Society friends this month again at Pattana for our monthly matchplay tournament and our group of 24 players battling it out in a fourball matchplay format. This time, the Outback came out on top, winning 3 matches, losing 2 and drawing  1 to retain the trophy this month. In fairness, the competition was quite even, and it could have gone either way but the result in favor of Outback probably came down to a 20ft put on the last hole by Steve Mann to half that match. All in all, good fun and everyone enjoyed this format of competition that we play at the Outback once a month against another society.

Kerry Back and Steve Plant (OB) won 2/1 against Daniel Grob and Thomas Rechsteiner (GS)

Benny Mueller and Nong Pimphukhiao (GS) won 4/2 against David Thomas and Steve Watkins (OB)

Bob St. Aubin and Neil Lavery (OB) won 4/3 against Werner Eickmeier and Werner Reinhart (GS)

Sugar Ray Handford and Steve Mann (OB) A/S against Christoph Balzli and Uwe Wegner (GS)

Raivo Velsberg and Christoph Balzli (GS) won 1 UP against Mark Walter and Keith Thorn (OB)

Andre Coetzee and Fynn Csizmadia (OB) won 4 up against Alice and Lisa Balzli (GS)

Posing for the picture a happy team with Sugar Ray holding the trophy for the Outback!

Matchplay March Team picture 520


Published in March 2017
Sunday, 02 April 2017 14:13

Pattana Wed 29 Mar

GolfReport Pattana 29 Mar 520

Published in March 2017
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 15:48

Pattana Wed 1 Feb

A surprisingly big field supported by a slightly later tee time today enforced my hunch that we should play a little later on some days and that Pattana is turning into one of the best golf courses out there. It certainly has turned into my favorite despite the sometimes quirky operations in how they do things over there. A downside with Pattana is that the course is extremely busy this high season, with tons of young aspiring Asian golf pro's turning up. This caused us to start half an hour later than our scheduled time, and another 40 minute delay on the turn for the back nine. By the time the last groups made it back to the bar, it was already dark! So with 8 groups and two divisions today, it certainly was a slow day and I will discuss with the management there on how we can avoid this happening in our future visits.

Playing the A&B courses today, some of my golfers were concerned that the course would be too long from the white tee's measuring slightly over 6,800yrds. However, with a par 6 on the course and a par 73, with a reasonably forgiving layout, the results did not indicate a problem with distance at all, and a B division player scored the highest points of the day enforcing that fact. In Division B today, Shay Mitchell scored a good 35 points to come in 3rd place, Stephen Watkins playing of 31 hcp on the white tee's scored 37 points, and the winner in the B division today was Roy Johan Steinbach, who scored a great 38 points to be the overall winner. 

In the A division, three players was equal on 37 points, and with Peter Nixon scoring a worse last six holes than his opponent, he came in 3rd place. In 2nd place, beating Peter on countback, was Raivo Velsberg also on 37 points. Fred Birch, with the best back nine on the difficult B course with 20 points, was declared the overall winner.

There were only two 2's today by Peter Thomas and Jeff Noeske, a young visiting pro that lives in China.

GolfReport Pattana 1 Feb 520

Photo Pattana 1 Feb 520

Published in February 2017
Tuesday, 10 January 2017 08:08

Pattana Wed 4 Jan

Starting off on the intimidating B course at Pattana is never easy, especially after the group in front of us were a couple of young Korean golfers on their training program and all bombing drives from the back tee's straight down the middle. Speaking of which, Pattana is extremely busy this high season with us having had difficulty booking tee's as far ahead as March. This course is great condition and it seems to be a favorite amongst young Asian pro's (or semi pro's) coming to Thailand for the winter training season. So there you have it - it is the "in course" in Pattaya at the moment!

With our four groups, things generally went a lot harder than the rest of the clientele at Pattana, and Graham Baker's 36 points from his 17 handicap gave him 3rd place. Steve Mann, who doesn't seem to like the course a lot but always plays well here, scored a great 37 points for 2nd. Man of the day and working hard to get his handicap down again, is Stephen Watkins who scored an incredible 42 points to win the day hands down. 

Several two's today with Steve Plant, KB Lee, and Fidge Button each recording a two to round off a good day on a very nice course.

GolfReport Pattana 4Jan 520

Published in January 2017

Our competition was another great success and thank you to Chrusi Balzli, the new President from the German Swiss Society for bringing his players to compete in this exciting format. We have also made some significant progress to have the tournament sponsored and I am very happy to welcome David Thomas from Supersight and Graham Macdonald from Macallum Insurance. With the support of these generous sponsors down the line, we will be able to grow and expand the tournament and make sure that all players in the tournament receive the benefits of the sponsorship as well as getting exposure for the great services that they offer to help our players.

Pattana is in great shape with the golf course being very busy at this time of the year. Teeing off on the very difficult B course, (and C course on the back 9), we let the players go off the yellow tee's today, something which greatly helped on a very windy day. We will most likely settle on the white tee's in future, depending on the circumstances, as the course did play rather short from the yellow tees, which raised some eyebrows from the lower handicappers. Some big defeats were on the cards on both sides, but a few matches went to the last couple of holes. The Outbackers came off worse to wear today, with the German Swiss Society taking the honours with a 3-2 win and taking the trophy with them for the next two months, when we will battle it out against them again.

Matchplay GS Jan 2017 Trophy

Chrusi Balzli receiving the trophy from Andre Coetzee

GolfReport Pattana 24 Jan Matchplay vs GS 520


Published in January 2017

With a lot more emphasis going into better quality events at the Outback where we are actively seek sponsorship for the benefit of the sponsors and our Society golfers, we got together with the German Swiss Golf Society and scheduled a monthly matchplay tournament and held our first Matchplay tournament of the season with 6 teams from each society competing against one another. The format of this event was a Fourball Matchplay (better known as a Betterball Matchplay) where two players of each team compete against their opposite opponents. Thanks to Ruediger Mergemeier and the support of his society to make this a great day out. The golfers all enjoyed a free light dinner with a free drink offered for the first one purchased.

Pattana is in beautiful condition at the moment, the greens were fast and true, and the competition fierce with 4 out of the 6 matches going to the last hole to decide a winner. In the end, the strength and determination of our gutsy Outback players persevered and we won the tournament 4 1/2 against 1 1/2. Andre Coetzee (or rather Tawan Tavan) accepted the winning trophy from Ruediger Mergemeier.

PS> If you are interested in sponsoring our Monthly Matchplay Tournament, please contact Andre and I can outline the program for you.

Matchplay Nov Trophy 520

Tawan holding the winning trophy of our first matchplay against the German Swiss team

Matchplay Nov Team 520

A few interesting poses as we gather for the team picture with Bob Newell holding the trophy. Great fun day!

GolfReport Pattana Matchplay 22 Nov

Published in November 2016
Monday, 05 December 2016 21:29

Pattana Wed 30 Nov

This was the last round of the low season special of Thb 1,950 all in at Pattana, and with the new arrangement we have with them, the price will be Thb 1,200 for GF from December, with carts not mandatory. Due to the great condition of the course, with some of the best greens around Pattaya at the moment, we will frequent Pattana more often in the high season and it is also our home for the next few rounds of the matchplay series against the German-Swiss society.

With a relatively small field today, it was Brad Jordison who got 34 points for 3rd place. In 2nd place, Peter Nixon is starting to make a few moves after having been dormant for a few months, and scored a great 36 points to finish 2nd. Playing partner (and partner in crime), David Atkinson (Acco), played some real good golf on his dodgy handicap to win the day with 38 points.

GolfReport Pattana 30Nov

Published in November 2016
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