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Friday, 18 January 2019 17:38

Emerald Wed 16 Jan

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Published in January 2019
Friday, 14 September 2018 11:21

Emerald Wed 12 Sept

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Published in September 2018
Sunday, 07 January 2018 23:31

Emerald Fri 5 Jan

GolfReport Emerald 5 Jan

Published in January 2018
Sunday, 12 November 2017 22:47

Emerald Wed 1 Nov

13 golfers made there way to Emerald on a hot steamy Wednesday, the heat continued long after the golf.
3rd place went to Barney Clarkson 36 points
In second Steve Mann 37 points
Winning with 38 points Neil Lavery, Neil registered the only 2.
Presentation was sorted at the club house allowing everybody to go there separate ways.

GolfReport Emerald 1 Nov

Published in November 2017
Monday, 22 August 2016 13:28

Emerald Wed 17 Aug

Reports from Emerald was a bit mixed - the guys who like the course says that it was in OK condition, but a couple of guys who played it for the first time thought the course was in pretty bad nick, with the greens being patchy, uneven and slow.

That didn't distract from a couple of good scores coming in. (Eddy) Edward Beilby scored good enough to earn him 4th place with 31 points, birthday boy (Barney) Jeffrey Clarkson got 35 points to earn him 3rd, in 2nd place was Wally Brown with 36 and the man who's handicap is tumbling down, Sugar Ray Handford came in with a great 37 points. 

Courtesy of Brendan Cope and his missus, Aunchalee Cope's awesome baking skills, Barney enjoyed living another year with this lovely cake to share with the other winners. In the picture from L-R: Wally, Sugar, Eddy, Barney.

Emerald Winners


GolfReport Emerald 17Aug

Published in August 2016
Monday, 08 February 2016 12:22

Emerald Wed 3 Feb

An unexpected high turn out for Emerald saw 23 players play on this usually quiet Wednesday event. The change to Emerald came about since Khao Keow had a competition on, and with this popularity for Emerald, it looks as if we should include them a bit more. Pat Regan and his group of 8 Irish players did help boost the numbers somewhat as well, and welcome to all you guys on holiday here. 

As things turned out, Emerald allowed a large number of overbookings, and our 9:40 tee time turned into a 10:20 tee off time, and on course, things didn't go much better on course either resulting in a +5 hour round for our 6 groups. Feedback from the group was that Emerald is in great condition, despite the thick Bermuda grass that took over a lot of the golf course areas. The greens were a stand out, and many people commented that it was slicker than Bangpra, and with the pins in some really hard places, it made for tough scoring with many players recording even 4 putts on some holes. 

Scoring was tough as a result of the greens, and playing in two divisions, handicappers 16 and up was pooled into the B division, where Eddy Beilby's 30 points was good enough to secure a third place. Brendan Cope, who had his first game since returning from his project in deep Africa, scored a remarkable 35 points to finish second, and Eddie O'Meara from Ireland was only one of two players to record a score on handicap to finish with 36 points as well.

In the A division, things didn't go much better, with Peter Lenoury scoring 33 points for 3rd place, Mike Missler another good round of 34, and Peter Ennis also on 36 points to win the A division.

A couple of Two's was to be had, with Sugar Ray Handford rolling in a 30 footer, Brendan Cope scoring a two, and Mike Missler 2x2's. Congratulations to all!

Div A: [0-16]

Overall Position 12 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Ennis, Peter 36 pts (15)
3 Missler, Mike 34 pts (11)
4 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 31 pts (6)
10 Nixon, Peter C 30 pts (11)
14 Danboise, Kim 28 pts (13)
15 Reed, Alex D 28 pts (13)
16 Plant, Steve 28 pts (12)
17 Ovens, Mal 28 pts (15)
19 Richards, Jason 26 pts (13)
22 Regan, Patrick 24 pts (12)
23 Connellan, Vinny 17 pts (13)

Div B: [17 Up]

Overall Position 11 Players Score (Course H'cap)
2 O'Meara, Eddie 36 pts (24)
5 Cope, Brendan 33 pts (24)
6 Beilby, Eddy 33 pts (40)
7 Makara, Andrew 32 pts (17)
8 Handford, Sugar Ray 31 pts (17)
11 Turner, Ed 29 pts (21)
12 Tolan, Tony 29 pts (17)
13 Jolley, Nev 28 pts (26)
18 Bell, James 28 pts (21)
20 Doyle, Eamon 25 pts (18)
21 Murdock, Neville 25 pts (20)

Published in February 2016
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