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Sunday, 07 January 2018 22:33

Siam Plantation Mon 20 Nov

11 players took Plantation boosted by tourists from Estonia.

There were 2x2,s Mark Rossiter and Chris Davison

3rd position Mark Rossiter 32 points

2nd Brendan Moylan 34 points

Securing top spot local Chris Davison. 40 points

There is a voucher at the bar Chris.

GolfReport Siam Plantation 20 Nov

Published in November 2017
Monday, 20 November 2017 23:56

Siam Plantation Mon 13Nov

10 players took on Plantation
3 places were paid because there were no registered 2,s
3rd with 38 points Jamie Donaldson
2nd, 40 points Brendan Cope
Also with 40 points (19 on the back nine) was Ian Heddle who won the day.

GolfReport Plantation 13 Nov

Published in November 2017
Saturday, 11 November 2017 21:26

Siam Plantation Mon 30 Oct

10 players took on Plantation, 4 places being paid because there were no 2,s.
4th Neil Combes 31 points
3rd Geoffrey Ratjens 35 points
2nd Stephen Mann 37 points
1st Fynn Csizmadia 37 points on last 6 holes.

GolfReport Plantation 30 Oct

Published in October 2017
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 15:40

Siam Plantation Mon 18 Sept

GolfReport Plantation 18Sept

Published in September 2017
Sunday, 16 July 2017 19:19

Siam Plantation Mon 3 July

GolfReport Plantation 3Jul 520

Published in July 2017
Thursday, 03 August 2017 23:38

Siam Plantation Mon 31 July

A busy day at Outback with sizeable low season fields at Plantation and Burapha. There were no two's today so places were rewarded until 5th place.

GolfReport Plantation 31Jul 520


Published in July 2017
Thursday, 03 August 2017 21:40

Siam Plantation Mon 24 July

Just two groups taking on the difficult Plantation course from the blue tee's today.

GolfReport Siam Plantation 24Jul 520

Published in July 2017
Monday, 03 July 2017 23:28

Siam Plantation Mon 19 June

Large field today at Siam Plantation but no two's!

GolfReport Plantation 19Jun 520

Published in June 2017
Wednesday, 19 April 2017 12:55

Songkran Masters Tournament 11-13 Apr

Day 3 of our Songkran tournament was played at Siam Old Course. It was a fabulous day with a reasonable breeze to cool things down. Although the old course play very short from the white tee's, all the trouble is around the greens and ending up on the wrong side of the pin was costly. A few swings in our leaderboard on day 3 made for an exciting finish to the tournament. In the B division today, Andrew Butterworth and Andy Robertson fought things out till the end, with each scoring a magnificent 40 points. Neil Farrell did very well to finish third with 35 points. In the A division, Fynn Csizmadia beat Andre Coetzee on countback to finish 1st with 34 points each, with Peter Jeucken in 3rd with 33 points. 

Overall results, in joint 5th place was Andy Robertson and Pierre Zbindeneach scoring 97, Brad Jordison had a bad third round and dropped back into 4th spot overall. Russ Rylance played very consistent golf over the three days scoring 104 overall for third place. Kim Danboise played great over the three days with107 points to finish 2nd overall. Andrew Butterworth's final round propelled him all the way into the lead, scoring an average of 37 points a day, the only player to finish above handicap over the 3 days.

Feedback from all 32 players was that the tournament was a good test and enjoyable, and something that they would definately like to repeat on the top courses in Pattaya. 

Here is a complete list of all the results:
Near Pins:
Day 1: Siam Plantation, Tapioca hole 7: A Div - Ron Dickie, B Div Andrew Butterworth
Day 2: Laem Chabang, hole B8: A Div - Chris Kerr, B Div - none
Day 3: Siam Old, Hole 8: Div - Kevin Macintosh, B Div - David Atkinson

Day 1: Siam Plantation: David Atkinson, Jeff Macintosh (2), Mark John Riggall (2), Ron Dickie, Russ Rylance, David Swarbrick
Day 2: Laem Chabang: Bob St AubinKevin Mackintosh
Day 3: Siam Old: John Shirreffs, Andrew Butterworth

Daily Results:
Day 1: Siam Plantation: Div A- 1st Russ Rylance, 2nd Brad Jordison, 3rd Mark John Riggall. Div B- 1st Hans-Georg Bufe, 2nd Sugar Ray Handford, 3rd Kim Danboise
Day 2: Laem Chabang: Div A- 1st Brad Jordison, 2nd Kevin Mackintosh, 3rd Russ Rylance. Div B- 1st Kim Danboise, 2nd Andrew Butterworth, 3rd Pierre Zbinden
Day 3: Siam Old: Div A- 1st Fynn Csizmadia, 2nd Andre Coetzee, 3rd Peter Jeucken. Div B- 1st Andrew Butterworth, 2nd Andy Robertson, 3rd Neil Farrell

1st: Andrew Butterworth, 2nd Kim Danboise, 3rd Russ Rylance, 4th Brad Jordison, 5th Andy Robertson and Pierre Zbinden

GolfReport Songkran Tournament Day 1 and 2 and 3 results 520

Published in April 2017
Friday, 28 April 2017 09:49

Siam Plantation Mon 24 April

Second Round for today was played at the fantastic Siam Plantation. There were two 2's today by Craig Feltham and Maurie O'Sullivan. Results in the table below:

GolfReport Plantation 24Apr 520

Published in April 2017
Wednesday, 19 April 2017 12:50

Siam Plantation Mon 3 April

GolfReport Siam Plantation 3Apr 520

Published in April 2017
Sunday, 26 March 2017 23:59

Siam Plantation Mon 20 Mar

Our 2nd competition of the day was at the fabulous Siam Plantation. Playing from the blue tee's, Andre finally got a good game in and shot 78 off the stick for 39 points.

 GolfReport Siam Plantation 20 Mar 520


Published in March 2017
Monday, 13 June 2016 19:00

Plantation Mon 6 June

The 2nd competition for this Monday was reasonably well attented considering that we also had a large field at Burapha on this low season month. Our groups played Tapioca followed by Sugar Cane and whilst Ron Dickie hasn't been on form lately, this all changed today and Ron had a great round with only 77 gross to give him 38 points. Aussie tourer Adam Farrell did well with 34 to finish 2nd. Mark Riggall played the par 3's really well to finish level par on them with the only 2 of the day on hole 6 (Tapioca)


Flight Pos Name HCP Index Playing Hcp Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back Points
A 1 Dickie, Ron 6 7 White 77 38 19
A 2 Farrell, Adam 10.7 12 White 86 34 15
A 3 Luescher, Thomas-Joer 18 20 White 95 33 17
A 3 Riggall, Mark 11.5 13 White 88 33 17
A 5 Bufe, Hans-Georg 20 22 White 97 33 12
A 6 Dickie Sr, Ron 17 19 White 98 29 16
A 7 Rawlings, Steve 3.2 4 White 83 29 13



Published in June 2016
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