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Thursday, 12 April 2018 16:39

Green Valley Fri 6 Apr

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Published in April 2018
Friday, 27 April 2018 19:52

Green Valley Medal Fri 27 Apr

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Published in April 2018
Sunday, 22 April 2018 09:57

Green Valley Fri 20 Apr

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Published in April 2018
Saturday, 14 April 2018 23:43

Green Valley Fri 13 Apr

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Published in April 2018
Saturday, 07 April 2018 22:53

Green Valley Fri 30 Mar

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Published in March 2018
Saturday, 07 April 2018 16:17

Green Valley Fri 16 Mar

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Published in March 2018
Saturday, 07 April 2018 16:11

Green Valley Fri 9 Mar

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Published in March 2018
Saturday, 07 April 2018 15:03

Green Valley Medal Fri 23 Mar

Thanks once again to our sponsors for making our monthly medal a special occasion. With heaps of water on the course, and a high likelihood of more torrential rain, we decided to play lift clean and place through the green, which made things a bit easier. Although there were no two's today, the scores were pretty low with 7 players playing lower than handicap. 

Steve Mann played superb golf, and finished the day in 1st place with a fabulous net 65, 2 shots better than the nearest other player. Well done Steve! Brad Jordison had an excellent round shooting the low gross of the day of 77 and he finished in 2nd place along with John Stafford on 67 net.

With the tournament rules, Steve had already qualified and therefore the winners spot for the final round reverts to Brad Jordison. Looking forward to see you in the final line up in September Brad! 

In our picture, from left to right Mark Walter (4th), Greg Hirst (Sponsor), Steve Mann (Winner), John Stafford (joint 2nd), David Davies (6th), and Gordon Hall (EuroPVC Sponsor).

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 Monthly Medal Mar 2018 1Monthly Medal Mar 2018 2Monthly Medal Mar 2018 3Monthly Medal Mar 2018 4Monthly Medal Mar 2018 5Monthly Medal Mar 2018 6Monthly Medal Mar 2018 7Monthly Medal Mar 2018 9Monthly Medal Mar 2018 8

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Saturday, 31 March 2018 03:26

Green Valley Medal Fri 23 Feb

We had 12 groups playing on this day (40 in the medal comp) and for a while I thought it was going to be “one of those days” as dark clouds was present and rain threatening. Luckily the rain missed Green Valley for a change and with the course in good condition everyone had a good time out. 

A special thanks again to our sponsors making this tournament possible, with free finger food, a special shirt for the winner for the September final, and a first prize in the final for a trip to Hua Hin in March 2019 on our Legends tour.

In joint 4th place, Howard Marson and Stefan Hoge each scored net 70. Third place went to Keith Allen with net 69, 2nd place to Ed Turner with a very good 68 net. In first place having had a really good round and his best in a long time, Bob Mattes came in with a net 63, winning by a big margin. Looking forward to seeing you in the final Bob! Low gross of the day was one by Mike Howell. There were five two’s on the day, two of them belonging to Bob Mattes, Kevin From and Peter Booth picking up the other two’s.

 GolfReport Green Valley medal 23 Feb 520

Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Winners 

Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 12

Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 1Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 2Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 3Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 4

Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 5Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 6Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 7Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 8Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 9Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 11Monthly Medal Feb 2018 Photo 10

Published in February 2018
Sunday, 15 April 2018 01:24

Green Valley Medal Fri 26 Jan

Congratulations to Nev Jolley securing the win in this months medal! 

GolfReport Green Valley Medal 26 Jan

Monthly Winner January 2018

Monthly Winner 2 January 2018



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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 09:47

Green Valley Fri 19 Jan

 GolfReport Green Valley 19 Jan


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Sunday, 07 January 2018 23:10

Green Valley Medal Fri 29 Dec

Congratulations to Fidge button for winning the December medal!

Medal winners 28 Dec

Medal winners 28 Dec2Medal winners 28 Dec3Medal winners 28 Dec4Medal winners 28 Dec5Medal winners 28 Dec6Medal winners 28 Dec7Medal winners 28 Dec8Medal winners 28 Dec9Medal winners 28 Dec10

GolfReport Green Valley Medal 29 Dec

Published in December 2017
Sunday, 07 January 2018 22:53

Green valley Medal Fri 8 Dec

Medal day at the Outback attracted a field of 39 players, one tier so 9 places were paid.

9th Bruce Mcadam.

8th Vic Hester

7th Wayne Cotterill

6th Pasi Puranen

5th David Collier

4th Bob St Aubin

3rd Jon Kittelsen

2nd Stephen Mann

This months winner and going forward to Septembers Grand Final Reijo Heiskanen net 67. Because Reijo had already won the medal in September, the rules state that the person 2nd gains a slot in the final, - in this case Steve Mann!

The two's were shared by Vic Hester, Peter Nixon, Lester Featherstonehugh, Eng Cotterill and Steve Watkins.

GolfReport Green Valley Medal 8 Dec

Published in December 2017
Sunday, 07 January 2018 22:49

Green Valley Fri 1 Dec

33 players pegged up at Green Valley in excellent conditions the scoring reflecting this.

The field was split into 2 divisions, B divisions results as follows.

5th Sunanta Cotterill 39 points

4th Chris Thompson 39 points

3rd Barney Clarkson 39 points

2nd Eddy Bielby 41 points

Beating Eddy on Count back Stefan Hoge.


A division

Was a lot more complex with 2nd and 3rd having exactly the same scores, eventually it was split because Wayne Cotterill had recorded a wipe on the back nine!

5th place. Steve Mann 35 points

4th  Steve Mahoney 36 points

3rd Wayne Cotterill 38 points

2nd John Stafford 38 points

Winning with an amazing score Jon Goddard 45 points

4, 2/s were recorded, Jon Goddard, Stefan Hoge,  John Stafford, Eng Cotterill

GolfReport Green Valley 1 Dec

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Monday, 20 November 2017 23:56

Green Valley Fri 17 Nov


A day of big scoring and plenty of Two's! Jamie Donaldson, Sugar Ray Handford, Peter Nixon (2 two's!), Dennis Pelley, Raivo Velsberg and John Stafford all scored 2's.

GolfReport Green Valley 17 Nov

Published in November 2017
Sunday, 07 January 2018 22:42

Green Valley Medal Fri 24 Nov

The Outback monthly medal attracted a field of over 40 players.

There were 3x2,s Peter Nixon, Kevin Macdonald and Barry Copestake.

9 places were paid

Starting with 74,  Kevin Mackintosh and Jim Black.

There were 3 players on 72 Bill Macdonald, Steve Mann and Chris Kerr.

4 players came joint second with 71 Peter Nixon, Peter Lenoury, Vic Hester and Howard Marson

Top podium and going forward to next Septembers medal winners comp

Stefan Hoge 68, great stuff Stef

GolfReport Green Valley Medal 24 Nov

Published in November 2017
Saturday, 11 November 2017 21:29

Grand Final Medal 2017 & Sept

We finally got our all important Grand Finale medal (scheduled for September) in! The previous two attempts at playing this medal got rained out, so a big sigh of relief for everyone since rain clouds were looming once again.

The day got off to a pretty good start with 11 monthly finalists and a further 32 players doing battle. The course is in pretty good condition and it is back to being many players favorite course again. I suspect the course was setup pretty easy since we had 9 two's in the day: David Atkinson, Eddy Beilby, Eng Cotterell, Reijo Heiskanen, Gerry Hughes, Peter Nixon, Paul Smith (2), and Pierre Zbinden.

The battle for first place was tough, with 4 players sharing 6th place with a net 69. In joint 2nd place with 68 net, 4 players shared as well namely Kim Danboise, Tony Oakes, Dave Stockman and Eng Cotterell. Overall winner and our first qualified entrant for next year's final 12 is Reijo Heiskanen, who played just too well with his net 67 and beat the field by a shot. Paul Smith won lowest Gross with a brilliant net 73.

For the big prize worth a trip of Thb 20,000 to Hua Hin in March next year, Tony Oakes continued his excellent form of late to narrowly beat Eng Cotterell on countback to win the Grand Final. Well done Tony!

PS: Tony donated his Prize to be auctioned at the Outback's Year end party on 22 Dec at the Outback.

 Sept Medal Nov 13 520

Tony Oaks (Blue Shirt) together with Gordon Hall (EuroPVC Sponsor), Greg Hirst (Broadgate Securities), and Andre Coetzee (Outback)

GolfReport Green Valley Medal 10 Nov 520

The Twelve Monthly Finalists Group Picture: Well done to making it to here!

Monthly Medal 2017 FInalists 520 

A great Party atmosphere at the Outback with Good Food afterwards:

Sept Medal Nov 12 520

Sept Medal Nov 10 520

Sept Medal Nov 11 520

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Sunday, 29 October 2017 22:35

Green Valley Fri 27 Oct

37 players listed for Green Valley resulting in 3 divisions. 

There were 3 2,s two of which went to Lance Robinson the other being Steve Watkins.  

GolfReport Green Valley 27 Oct

Published in October 2017
Wednesday, 25 October 2017 23:05

Green Valley Fri 13 Oct

33 outbackers played Green Valley on a hot humid day, by the time the last 4 ball hit off the clouds were building and it looked very ominous. 
The last 4 ball played there tee shots on the 3rd when the heavens opened. Dashing for the nearest stop we were held up for over an hour, lightning was still striking long after the rain abated. Eventually finishing after being on the course for over 5 hours. 
2 divisions were sorted resulting in the following places. 
B Div 
5th David Davies  36 points 
4th Pierre Zbinden 36
3rd Sugar Ray.        37
2nd William Mackey 39
1st Roy Steinbach.    40
A Div
5th Paul Smith.   39
4th Sel Wagner.  39
3rd. Dave Stockman 40
2nd Paul Hack       41
1st Steve Mann.     41
Exceptional scoring on what ended up as a wet and sloshy course.

GolfReport Green Valley 13 Oct

Published in October 2017
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 15:36

Green Valley Fri 15 Sept

GolfReport Green Valley 15 Sept

Published in September 2017
Sunday, 16 July 2017 20:24

Green Valley Fri 14July

GolfReport Green Valley Fri 14Jul b

Published in July 2017
Sunday, 16 July 2017 20:21

Green Valley Fri 7July

Only a single two today by the Voucher King, Peter Nixon. For those of you confused by the "Gold" tee next to Bob Lindborg's name, it is because he simply cannot get over hole 1 and 3 at Green Valley and for that reason he tee's off from the Silver tee on those two holes. Bob does not want to move to play all holes on Silver tee's as he finds that unsociable. Interestingly, and probably very very few people know this, but this situation is catered for in the USGA Handicap manual with a specific table to make adjustments. In this case, the table indicated a two shot reduction on handicap so Bob played on a 30 handicap instead of a 32 handicap as he would have done from the regular white tee's. More info on this rule can be found in the USGA Handicap manual Section 5.2(g).

GolfReport Green Valley 7Jul b

Published in July 2017
Monday, 03 July 2017 23:34

Monthly Medal Green Valley Fri 23 June

Smallish turn out today with so many people away but that doesn't take away from the fact that Bob St. Aubin played an excellent round to win the monthly medal and join the select few in September's big event for the Grand Final Prize.

Greg Hirst from Broadgate Securties Congratulating Bob St. Aubin

Monthly Medal Winner June 2017 520

GolfReport Green Valley 23Jun 520


Published in June 2017
Monday, 03 July 2017 23:56

Green Valley Fri 30 June

GolfReport Green Valley 30Jun 520

Published in June 2017
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 00:07

Green Valley Fri 16 June

GolfReport Green Valley 16Jun b

Published in June 2017
Monday, 22 May 2017 18:54

Monthly Medal Green Valley Fri 19 May

Green Valley had a competition starting midday and apparently is closed for the next two Fridays, after heavy negotiations it was agreed that the Outback could have a shotgun start at 8am, this in itself limited the field to 20 players.

All but 1 straggler arrived in a timely fashion to make their way  to their allocated tees, all got around in a timely fashion and did not interfere with the Green Valley comp.

There were three 2,s - Messrs:  John Stafford, Peter Nixon and Bob Mattes.

There were only 2 Places because of the small field.

In second place was the Sugarman, Sugar Ray Handford with a very commendable net 67,his first game back after a short jaunt with his boys to his beloved homeland.

The top Prize with a magnificent net 64 went to Sunanta Cotterill (Eng), Eng also had the lowest gross score of 85, so she scopps both top prizes in our monthly event! With Sunanta's win, this is now also the first lady that qualifies for the September final and the chance to win our Season top prize of a golf tour to Hua Hin in March next year.

Thank you to Green Valley for accommodating the Outback on the day advertised. 

In the picture: Andre (Outback), Sunanta Cotterell (winner), Sugar Ray (2nd)

Monthly Medal Winner May 520

GolfReport Green Valley 19May 520

Published in May 2017
Sunday, 21 May 2017 15:11

Green Valley Fri 12 May

GolfReport Green Valley 12May 520

Published in May 2017
Sunday, 21 May 2017 14:57

Green Valley Fri 5 May

GolfReport Green Valley 5May 520

Published in May 2017
Wednesday, 19 April 2017 13:00

Green Valley Sat 15 April

GolfReport Green Valley Saturday 15 Apr 520

Published in April 2017

Round 7 in our annual Monthly Medal was played again as usual at Green Valley, with free food provided by our sponsors, Gecko Properties, Broadgate Securities and EuroPVC. Not only does the winner of each monthly award receive the regular cash prize and a fabulous framed picture with his name and fellow players or other prize winners in it, but that person also qualifies for an entry into our final September event where the monthly winners receive a special commemorative shirt and the winner from that tournament wins a fabulous trip to Hua Hin for our golf tour there in March 2018, total value approx. Thb 20,000. 

Since we have several ladies joining our monthly medal event, we split the field into a ladies and mens division for regular prizes if ladies represent more than 20% of the field. The low gross and overall winner is however across both divisions, but using the correct USGA handicap rules for multi-tee competitions, the ladies lose between 1 and 4 shots compared to the same handicap mens player from the white tee's at Green Valley. That makes it fair for everyone AND is according to the USGA competition rules.

In the ladies division, Suphin Stewart made her 3rd appearance at the Outback and playing from only a 14 handicap, scored the 2nd lowest gross score and a fabulous net 68 to be the joint leader in the ladies division. Poopei (Tewin Lamthong), is a fabulous player playing from only a 10 handicap and not only did she win the low gross of the day with 78, she also had the lowest net score of 68 in the ladies division, beating Suphin on countback. Well done ladies!

In the men's division, joint 3rd place went to Fynn Csizmadia (12 hcp) who has been in very good form over the last few rounds, scoring 70 net. In joint 3rd, Keith Allen (13 hcp) is returning to form again with his net 70 round. In 2nd place with a fabulous performance from his 17 Hcp, John Stafford scored a great 69 net to finish alone in 2nd place. In top spot today, and also starting to come back to form with a few good rounds lately is Bob Mattes, scoring an incredible 64 net from his 22 handicap. Bob is also the overall winner for our April medal and secures himself a spot in the grand final in September.

There were 4 two's today:

Poopei had two 2's today, with John Stafford and Sunanta Cotterrel each scoring a two.

Monthly Medal Winner April 2017 520

L-R: Fynn Csizmadia and Keith Allen (Mens 3rd), Poopei (Low Gross and Ladies 1st), Suphin (joint Ladies 1st), Bob Mattes (Men's 1st and Overall Winner), John Stafford (Men's 2nd)

GolfReport Green Valley 21Apr 520 

Published in April 2017
Wednesday, 19 April 2017 12:58

Green Valley Fri 14 April

Three two's today: Eng and Wayne Cotterell, Sumalee Wild

GolfReport Green Valley Friday 14 Apr 520

Published in April 2017
Friday, 19 May 2017 23:28

Green Valley Fri 28 April

5 Two's today: On, Anton, Brad, Bob Mattis and Chris.

GolfReport Green Valley 28Apr b

Published in April 2017
Wednesday, 19 April 2017 12:53

Green Valley Fri 7 April

GolfReport Green Valley Friday 7 Apr 520

Published in April 2017
Monday, 20 March 2017 03:03

Green Valley Fri 17 Mar

GolfReport Green Valley 17Mar 520

Published in March 2017
Monday, 20 March 2017 03:01

Green Valley Fri 10 Mar

An excellent Eagle by Roy Steinbach hitting a 6 iron onto the green at the uphill par 4 14th hole got him an eagle! There were 7 two's today by Roy (Eagle), Cotty, Keith Allen, Poopey, Peter Nixon, Muzza and Steve Mann. Well done to Poopey winning Div A and B2 winning Div B. Results Below:

GolfReport Green Valley 10Mar 520

Published in March 2017

Raising money to buy an embosser for the Pattaya Redemptionist School for the Blind, our event was held at Green Valley with a two ball scramble format, where part of the entry fee funded a raffle ticket for each contestant, buffet and evening entertainment.

After golf and yet another superb Outback buffet, the Band of Smiles kept everyone well entertained late into the evening. We managed to sell out all raffle tickets which is a great testament and thanks to those that attended. With over 400 tickets sold and thanks to the generous donations by all our sponsors, our Charity fund is currently sitting at Thb 166,000. Special thanks to company donations received from Juicy Lucy, Pattaya Car Hire and Munkfors Swedev, Private donations by James Greer,  Shaun PullenGeoff BraithwaiteCharlie Heneghan, Bob St. Auburn and Nev Jolley. Also, a special thanks to our Raffle sponsors, Green Valley, Nev Jolley, Craig DoneThat Blacklock, and Jeff and John from the Golf Center restaurant at Green Valley. 

Novelty Prizes were awarded as follows:
Hole 1 - nearest to the pin in 3: Kevin and Jeff Macintosh (Callaway balls donated by Outback)
Hole 3 - Nearest to the case of beer on the Fairway: Mark John Riggall(Case of Heineken donated by Bob St. Aubin)
Hole 5 - nearest to the pin: Fibben (Bottle of wine donated by Outback)
Hole 8 - nearest to the pin: Kevin Mackintosh (Bottle of Red Label donated by John Dearden)
Hole 10 - Any team that scored a gross birdie: Kevin and Jeff Mackintosh (Outback gift vouchers each)
Hole 13 - nearest to the pin: Colin McGurk (Crown Royale Brandy donated by Charlie Heneghan)
Hole 16 - nearest to the pin: John Leonard (2 Buckets of Beer donated by Nev Jolley)

Compettition Results:
Playing superbly on a team handicap of 4.8, our winning team shot a gross 67 to finish on 62.2 Net, winning a Siam Plantation greenfee voucher each. Great round Raivo Velsberg and James Greer!
2nd place with 63 Net and winning Khao Keow Greenfee and cart discount voucher each: Renee Ericson and Rolf Ericson
3rd place with 64 Net and winning Eastern Star Greenfee voucher each: Pat Regan and William Peach
4th place with 64.2 Net and winning Callaway Golf Balls each: Mark John Riggall and Kerry Beck.
5th place with 65 Net and winning an Outback shoebag each: Myles Knowlson and Colin McGurk

Charity Golf 31 Mar Raivo and James Winners

Raivo Velsberg and James Greer Winners - more photo's - see Facebook!

Published in March 2017
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 12:02

Green Valley Monthly Medal Fri 17 Feb

Popularity of our monthly medal is ever increasing due to the lucrative first price of the Hua Hin Golf tour for the Finals winner in Sept 2017, the great food and snacks, the winning picture presentation and other extra's made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors from Broadgate, Gecko properties and EuroPVC. This month, our contestants went all out and where 14th place this month would be good enough for a win last month, you needed a fantastic round to be in the top 5!

Low Gross winner was Jim Brackett, with a very good 77. In shared 6th place, David AtkinsonJean-philippe Maffray and Mark Walter all scored a fabulous 69 net. In joint 3rd place, Steve Mann, David Davies and Michael Wittmaack all had 68 net. In sole 2nd place and just not good enough to win with 67 net was Peter Nixon who has been turning in some stellar performances recently. Man of the day was Paul Hack, a fabulous Aussie lad (is there such a thing?) shooting the lights out with his 66 net on his dodgy handicap of 16. Paul does a superb job in taking care of The Players Lounge down the road from us, where he joins other TPL winner Mick Beresford who won a couple of months ago - let's see in the coming months if the TPL can produce more good ringers to make it to our final in September - LOL.

There were five two's today - Peter NixonSteve Plant, Thomas Luescher, Tony Oakes and Pat Regan.

Our next monthly medal will be a bit of a change. Green Valley is closed on 24 March and we will be playing St. Andrews (same price as Green Valley). This should pose a new dimension to the monthly medal challenge!

Paul Hack Monthly Medal winner Feb17 520

GolfReport Green Valley 17 Feb Medal 520

Published in February 2017
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 11:51

Green Valley Fri 10 Feb

In what was one of our busiest normal society rounds ever, we started the field with 66 players, quite a logistic nightmare when we were only at about 40 players 3 days ahead of the event. Pulling all the strings we could, we managed to get enough tee times squeezed in for our group, courtesy of the Valley Hackers golf society who agreed to play Silky Oaks, and good support from Management at Green Valley to make this possible. True in Outback style and pulling all the strings, we managed to accommodate everyone with some good logistics and organization on our part, something we have become renowned for.

However, on Thursday it was clear that there was trouble brewing when I was told that all 3 courses were fully booked, meaning only one thing: Not enough carts and caddies! So whilst Tawan were getting everyone organised and started in her magnificent way, I was trying to get our tour groups from Australia and a group of 12 players from Wales (not in the competition), and arriving about an hour after the first tee time, ready for their round. Things got a little unstuck as there were no caddies or carts left for these gentlemen who waited the good part of 30-40 minutes for caddies and carts. A forced delay from their startsheet time was unavoidable, but luckily we got on the tee with only a hole behind the groups in front of them, - no more than a scheduled 10 minute delay by the time the last group tee'd off. Welcome to the world of a golf tour organizer!

So with 5 prize winners across three divisions, here are the results: C division, long time since we have seen Geoff and (Kathy) Kathleen Mary Doody, Geoff came in 5th place with his 35 points, led by Ed Turner on 36, beaten on countback by Charlie Heneghan in 3rd. In 2nd place, Gerard Lambert scored a magnificent 41 points, but hero of the week was Stephen Watkins who once again claimed the top spot this week with a great 45 points.

In Division B, Vinnie Connellan beat a host of other players on countback to finish 3rd with 33 points, led by Sunanta Eng Cotterell on 34 points, Neil Fidele on 35 points in 3rd, (Bill) William Peach on 36 in 2nd place, and Dion Hyland playing great golf again on his 38 points to win top spot in the B division.

In the A division, with handicaps up to 15 this week, Raivo Velsberg scored 36 points for 5th spot, and so did Steve Gee, but with a better back nine. In 3rd place, Peter le Noury played a great 38 points, beaten by Sel Wegner in 2nd and our big winner of the A division this week was Peter Nixon with his cool 39 points.

Only three two's today, a bit unexpected for such a large field: Tony McDonough, Peter le Noury, and Jim Brackett.

Green Valley 10Feb winners 520GolfReport Green Valley 10 Feb 520

Published in February 2017
Monday, 06 March 2017 00:10

Green Valley Fri 24 Feb

With a field of 37 out backers, boosted by visitors from Norway, Germany,Australia, Scotland and Ireland these events are becoming truly international. As a result 2 flights were in order with 1st to 5th Placings in both.

Let's start with the two's - there were only 3, Jim Brackett, Tom Parker and Mr consistency Peter Nixon each collecting a healthy prize.

Division B 5th place went to a welcome visitor from Austaralia, Colin Flaherty with 37 points, there were 3 scores of 39 points, Ed Turner 4th 17 points back 9, 3rd his fellow countryman Andy Makara 18 back 9, pipping them for 2nd was Tom Parker with a back 9 of 19 points. The clear winner with a great score of 43 points Steve Watkins, seems the advice given to him by an ex teaching pro at the driving range is paying off! Let us know what he said Steve.

Division A. Another consistent player Steve Mann was 5th with 37 points (17 back nine) losing on count back to Tony McDonough who returned 19 on the back. 3rd with 38 points was Mr Vinnie Conolan aka:Vinnie Jones!!! Our friend from the Emerald Isle with 38 points, 2nd was Peter Ennis with a great of score of 40 points pipped by John Stafford with a majestical 41 points, great shooting John.

GolfReport Green Valley 24 Feb 520

Published in February 2017
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 16:00

Green Valley Fri 3 Feb

This week was a particular busy week for us, and whilst myself and 3 other Outback players were out trying to beat the other golf society's in the Pattaya matchplay event, all the organising was left up to Tawan, who once again did a marvelous job, even with a lot of stress on her shoulders (and misbehaving tree's driving into the back of our new minibus etc.) A lot of our society golfers encourages me to play more with other groups, something they call networking. However, the truth is rather that they prefer Tawan to organising the start than me, and they just want me out of the way I think! Not fair guys! Not Fair! 

A few early morning raindrops did not distract our field of 40 players from queing up in line to hand Tawan some money, clearly the highlight of the day for some of them judging by the results. In the B division, with handicap 20 and up today, Shay Mitchell made it into the winner circle yet again with a good 35 points, beating off two other contestants also on 35 points. (Eddy) Edward Beilby is on a comeback with his 38 points in 4th place. Jim Bell scored an excellent 39 points to finish in 3rd place, with Roy Johan Steinbach scoring 41 points on a very good day for him. However, not even that was good enough to win the B division, and Stefan Hoge scored an amazing 42 points to walk away with the laurels in this division. In the A division, Jim Brackett scored 36 points to win 5th place, with Pat Regan scoring a better back nine to win 4th place. Kim Danboise scored a great 37 points to come 3rd, Steve Plant 2nd with 38 points and the A division winner today, John Stafford with a great 39 points.

There were 4 two's today - Paul Hack, John Stafford, Pat Regan and Bob Mattes.

GolfReport Green Valley 3 Feb 520

Photo Green Valley 3 Feb 520

Published in February 2017
Tuesday, 24 January 2017 08:09

Green Valley Monthly Medal Fri 20 Jan

Another great opportunity for a player to qualify for our amazing first prize of a Hua Win tour with this month's monthly medal, thanks to our generous sponsors (Greg from Broadgate, Gordon from EuroPVC and Steve from Gecko properties). 

Surprisingly, there were no massively impressive scores this month with only one player scoring better than handicap. No real explanation for this as the course were not unusually difficult and the only rationale being that some of the tee's were a bit further back than usual.

Four players were equal in 2nd place with Wolfgang Fisher, Tony OakesCharlie Heneghan and Jocchi Osterreicher each scoring 72 net. Our low gross winner was David Thomas who joined us for the first time. A very warm welcome to David. Our big winner this month was Mark Walter who recently joined us from Singapore. Well done on your first major tournament at the Outback!

There were 5 two's today: Hans-Georg BufeDavid ThomasTony Oakes, Ashley Morris and Edward Beilby

Next monthly medal is on 17 February - hope to see you there!

Green Valley 20 JAN medal winners 520

Mark Walters receiving his trophy picture from Greg Hirst

 GolfReport Green Valley 20 Jan Medal 520

Published in January 2017
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 00:19

Green Valley Fri 20 Jan

With a couple of Outbackers playing in the Matchplay tournament against other bars, it was up to Tawan to get everyone organized at the start. Always doing a fabulous job she is, and I have to constantly listen to golfers telling me that they much prefer her to be at the start since she is smart and beautiful and does a better job than me! I guess what I am hearing is that they are in their comfort zone with Tawan - giving money to a pretty girl that outsmarts them LOL! (Even if it is just the Thb 200 for the comp fee). Anyway, back to our results for today, before I get crucified on a public post for saying "too much".

Our B division winners kept pace with the A division guys in scoring today and there were three players each scoring 37 points, not unlike Monday at Burapha where we also had three count-backs on 37 points. So in 3rd place, with only 15 points on the back 9, Stefan Hoge takes the 3rd spot, followed by Stephen Watkins with 20 points on the back 9. The winner, with 37 points and 21 on the back 9, was David Davies, who is long overdue on a win and I am very pleased to see David making it to the winner circle. 

In the A division, Neil Fidele's 34 points (beating a couple of other players on countback), was good enough for 3rd place. John Stafford played very well on his 17 handicap to secure 2nd place with 37 points, but Steve Plantwas the man of the day with a fabulous 39 points to hand him top honours today. Well done Steve!

The big winner today was Neil John Lavery, who was the only person that managed to secure a two out of all the players today. Well Done!

GolfReport Green Valley 27 Jan 520

Published in January 2017
Tuesday, 17 January 2017 07:23

Green Valley Fri 13 Jan

The only bad luck with this Friday the 13th was if you got the draw in the 10th group with such a large field! Seems like the high season is in full swing and with us getting good support in preparation for our upcoming medal on the 20th, it was our 2nd sampling of the new layout. Now people are complaining about the new hole handicaps etc., something which I hope the management gets right over a period of time. Thanks to Reijo Heiskanen and all his friends from Scandinavia that joined us today.

Filling up a full 5 places in both divisions, it was Veli-matti Laaksonen who had 33 points which was good enough for 5th place. In 4th place Eng (Sunanta Eng Cotterell) had 35 points, with 3rd place going to Fred Birchwith 36 points. Beating Fred on count back, Eddy (Edward Beilby)'s 19 points on the back nine ensured him 2nd place, and winner in the B division today was Harri Tervo with a fabulous 39 points.

In the A division, Sugar Ray Handford scored 34 points for 5th place, Peter le Noury had 35 points for 4th, loosing on countcack to Seppo Kontio in 3rd place. A man who has been playing a lot of golf and spending more time on the driving range, is Kim Danboise, who's 36 points got him 2nd place. In top spot, Keith Allen played a great game with 38 points.

Jim Getty and JP Jean-philippe Maffray cleaned up on the two's today with a large field and only the two 2's. Well done guys.

GolfReport Green Valley 13Jan 520

Outback Winners 13 Jan 520

Seppo Kontio 3rd, Harri Tervo, 1st (Div B), Kim Danboise 2nd, and Keith Allen 1st (A Div)

Published in January 2017
Tuesday, 10 January 2017 08:10

Green Valley Fri 6 Jan

Sponsored by two Outback favorites, friends and long standing supporters, today was a happy but also somewhat sad day as we celebrated Steve Mann's birthday but also said goodbye to Muzza (Murray Hart) who is relocating his family back to Australia. So the thing we do best, whether happy or sad (or both), is to have a great game of golf and a party to round things off. And with a two ball scramble, near pins sponsored by Steve Mann and Bob St Aubin, a bit of food and a generous bell ring by Muzza, the tone was set for another enjoyable day by close to 50 players today. 

Andrew Makara and Keith Allen had the round of the day with an amazing 72 gross giving them 63.1 net after handicap allowance. Not bad for two fellows who are 18 plus handicappers so the win was well deserved.

With such large field with plenty of competition, our competition list extended all the way down to 7th place:
1st: Andrew Makara/Keith Allen - 63.1 net
2nd: Robert Newell/Simon Philbrook - 66.7 net
3rd: William Peach/Pat Regan - 67.7 net
Joint 4th: Furges Branden/Poppy and Chaten Patel/Joseph Shuer - 67.8 net
6th: Steve Mann/Murray Hart - 68.3 net
7th: David Atkinson/Peter Nixon - 68.9 net

The near pins were won by:
Hole 5: Greg Larkin and Graham Woolett
Hole 8: Lindsay Dominique and Andy Wong
Hole 12: Chaten Patel and Joseph Shuer
Hole 16: Andrew Makara and Keith Allen

Green Valley 6Jan 17 winners Keith and Andy 520

Keith Allen And Andy Makara - winners!

Green Valley 6Jan 17 Steve Mann Birthday 520

Steve Mann - Birthday Boy!

Published in January 2017
Monday, 12 December 2016 00:32

Green Valley Fri 9 Dec

With a few more returning faces joining us, it is clear that high season is now in full swing as the courses get busier and busier. Next week we will be away on our Kanchanaburi tour and the play will shift to Silky Oaks for that round. There is a couple of vouchers for Thb 700 at the bar for anyone wanting to play this Friday at Silky Oaks (first come first served), which does save you a bit of money on the usual green fee. Please pop into the bar this week and Bob or Sa will sell you the voucher which you can use on Friday. 

Back to our results from this week and with a full two division field, we awarded 5 spots in each division. In the B division, Dah again made it into the prizes (for the 2nd week running) with her 34 points. In 4th place, Roy Johan Steinbach kept a good score going with 35 points. With 36 points and loosing on count back, Bob Mattes came 3rd, loosing to Francis Bathurt who had a better back nine. Our French players did exceptionally well today and the winner of the B division was Pierre Zbiden with a great 40 points.

In the A division, Peter Lenory's 36 points was good enough to land him 5th spot. Tony Oakes did well with 37 points in 4th place, John Stafford did great with his 39 points in 3rd spot. Pat Regan is returning to form with a great 40 points in 2nd place, and the big winner of the day was (JP) Jean-philippe Maffray on 42 points. JP has been struggling with form lately causing his handicap to creep up. Let's hope this win brings his handicap back to his real potential!

Three two's were recorded today: Brad JordisonDavid Lloyd and Jean-philippe Maffray. Well done guys!

 Green Valley 9 Dec winners

From Left to Right: Bob Mattes, Roy Steinbach, Tony Oakes, Pat Regan and John Stafford

GolfReport Green Valley 9 Dec

Published in December 2016
Monday, 26 December 2016 13:04

Green Valley Sat 24 Dec 2 Ball Scramble

Playing Green Valley two days in a row is not something I would typically do, but this time I had a young partner (Aaron Douglas Handford) that wanted to play with me in this fun format. So with 6 pairs of players taking on Green Valley with 6 drives a player and 20% of the combined course handicap off we went.
In third place, after the young Aaron Douglas Handford carried me the front nine and with a great birdie putt he made on the last hole, we finished third on count back with a net 70. In 2nd place, also on 70 net, Ian Doust and Per Lövgren recorded a better back nine for 2nd place. Overall winners with a great 65 net was Neil Farrell and Shaun Pullen who played really well to take the overall honors. Nice day out chaps and well done!
The Outback plays every Saturday at different courses, with most week's being a Skins tournament and a scramble once a month. If you want to join us, please feel free to contact us as it is great fun and a good time out.
Green Valley Saturday Group 520
Published in December 2016
Tuesday, 03 January 2017 03:31

Green Valley Fri 30 Dec

Word from the players are that the sogginess around the greens as a result of their persistent overwatering is getting better and that the greens was running much faster than usual. I will give it a go with Sugar Ray Handfordas my partner this Friday when we play in a two man scramble for Muzza's (Murray Hart) go away and Steve Mann's birthday party at the Outback after the event. With fast greens and less sogginess around the greens it should be a walk in the park for a quality team like myself and Sugar (you can see I'm learning from him in taking oneself up!). Find yourself a partner and join us for the fun event!

Back to last Friday when a few players did really well but the field lagged well behind the winners in general. In the B division, Bob Lindborg's 32 points was enough to give him 3rd place. Bobby Driggs had another good round in the week by scoring 35 points for 2nd place. Today's top spot belongs to John Player, who played some excellent golf to get to 38 points. 

In 3rd place in the A division, Keith Allen did a fine job to finish 3rd with 35 points, followed Darren Smith with a great 38 points in 2nd. Kim Danboise, who has been playing a lot worse golf than his general ability has finally got it right this time around shooting one of his best rounds ever with a gross 81 and a marvelous 43 points. No doubt that the handicap man will be hunting after him with a likely "R" next to his name for the foreseeable future. 

There were two 2's today with Steve Mann and David Davies each achieving that feat. Well done guys!

Green Valley 30 Dec winners 520

Keith Allen, Kim Danboise and John Player

GolfReport Green Valley 30 Dec 520

Published in December 2016
Monday, 26 December 2016 12:58

Green Valley Monthly Medal Fri 23 Dec

With XMAS just around the corner, beautiful weather, and a good bit of banter, a tournament sponsored by our generous sponsors (Greg from Broadgate, Gordon from EuroPVC and Steve from Gecko properties), with free food and a drinks special, how can one not enjoy golf in Pattaya? With all those things in place, all one has to do is play a good round of golf and win the beautiful picture trophy giving you an entry ticket to the Medal Championship and a chance to win the grand prize of a free golf and hotel trip to Hua Hin! 

Well, to be fair, Green Valley's greens keeper is not making life easy - there were a couple of really difficult pin positions, and greens are generally over watered with muddy wet patches around the fringes and some dry areas appearing in other places. With a large field and only 5 players breaking net par, the scores testifies that regulation play is richly awarded on this course. 

In 5th position overall, Peter Nixon is on a come back with a good 71 net overall. In 4th place, Brendan Cope helped himself to 4th position with a great 70 net. Mick Beresford scored an amazing 69 net after recording a shocking 10 on one hole, and David Atkinson had his revenge (in a private matter between him and Andre Coetzee) by finishing with a great 69 as well. Sel Wegner was the star of the day however, recorded two 2's and another birdie on the back nine to finish with a superb 65, with a back 9 of level gross 36! With this achievement, Sel Wegner also clinched the overall low gross with 80.

Monthly Medal December 2016 Sel Wegner Winner 520

Monthly Medal December 2016 Sel and Tawan 520

GolfReport Green Valley 23 Dec Medal 520

Published in December 2016
Monday, 05 December 2016 21:33

Green Valley Fri 2 Dec

With 11 groups slogging it out there today, it was a good thing that we had pretty good cool weather as the last groups only tee'd off at about 10:30am. A good thing to remember is that you can let us know whether you want to tee off early, in the middle or late on our busy days, and we usually comply with your request. Since we haven't had a lot of rain in the last week or two, our rule on the day was to play the ball as it lies. However, the greenskeeper seem to have extra budget for water wastage and in general, it was quite soggy and very wet around the greens. Greens was fantastic however and the greens are in good Green Valley medium speed territory.

With such a large field, we were right on the limit of awarding two divisions instead of 3, with 5 places in each of the two divisions. In the B division, our previous Outback star driver, Darunee Thawacharee (or better known as Dah Leighton), scored a good 32 points to win on count back and make 5th place. John player had 34 points for 4th, (Bill) William Peach kept up his good form with another good round of 37 points. (Eddie) Edward Beilby, yet to win a monthly medal, had a great round again today with 39 points, just losing on count back to (Eng) Sunanta Eng Cotterell. The girls playing together obviously rubbed off on one another so well done!

In the A division, things were even more fiercely contested, with John Stafford on 36 points just losing out to Pat Regan, both with 36 points. Brad Jordison's 39 points was just good enough for 3rd place. Colin Goonplayed a fantastic gross 74 to finish up with 39 points and beating Brad on countback. However, even that amazing score was surpassed, with Wayne Cottrell scoring a fantastic 40 points. Husband and wife being number 1 in both divisions! Congratulations to the two of you.

Green Valley Winner 2 Dec Irng and Cottee

GolfReport Green Valley 2 Dec

Published in December 2016
Monday, 28 November 2016 01:42

Green Valley Fri 25 Nov

With a large field playing Green Valley this week, prizes was split into two divisions with Division A up to 16 handicap, and Division B from 17 handicap onwards. It was a high scoring day with beautiful weather and the course set up reasonably easy, with most pins well accessible. Even 38 points was not enough to secure a prize in the B division, which just goes to show.

In 4th place in Division B, Bob Lindborg got into the prizes for the second time in a week with a good 39 points. Bruce McAdam beat Bob on countback to finish in 3rd place, with (Eddie) Edward Beilby playing yet another high scoring round with 40 points, only good enough to earn him 2nd place. (Bill) William Peach had a tremendous round from the SIlver tee's where his 23 points including a birdie on the back nine was finally enough to give him a good win. Well done guys!

In the A division, 4th place went to Steve Mann with a great 38 points. Third place went to Daryl Ottaway with a superb 39 points. In 2nd place, Kim Danboise finally had the good round that have been so elusive to him with a great 40 points, and our winner today, with the best score of the day and a fantastic win was Peter le Noury with his 41 points. Great round Peter, will make you play from the back tee's next time! LOL

We had several two's today: 
Greg Jones, John Stafford, and Maurice Copan each scored a two.

GolfReport Green Valley 25Nov

Published in November 2016
Monday, 21 November 2016 00:11

Monthly Medal Green Valley Fri 18 Nov

Another good crowd turned up for our Monthly medal sponsored by Broadgate Securities, EuroPVC and Gecko Properties. We are gaining momentum with the series and some additional sponsors approaching us making it possible for me to announce the grand final prize to be won in September next year. And here we go: The winner of the series, played in September 2017 will win an all expense paid trip on the following year's Hua Hin trip in March, valued at Thb 20,000. How is that for returning value our loyal golf society members!

Back to the results for this month and the Greens and condition of Green Valley being great there weren't any excuses this month (well I had plenty but all related to my poor swing at the moment!). In 5th place, Peter Montanari beat handicap and scored a great net 70, losing on count back to Steve Plant doing well after scoring well in the South Africa trip as well. In 3rd place, Bruce Mcadam sneaked in with a great 69, returning to form after a slump which saw his handicap climb to astronomical levels! At the top, things had to be decided on a tight count back for the last 6 holes, but in the end, Tony Oakes just clipped Stephen Watkins to win with an awesome 68 net. Tony was also the gross play winner with 80, making this a double win in an otherwise dreary day for us lower handicappers. With this win, Tony will join Sugar Ray Handford and Mick Beresford as the other finalists thus far to compete in our grand final. There were three two's today: Steve Plant, Wayne Cottrell and Andre Coetzee

With the popularity of this tournament no doubt increasing, please mark the next monthly medal in your calendar which is to be played at Green Valley on 23 December. Maybe this will turn out to be the Christmas you have been hoping for!

Green Valley Medal 18 Nov Tony and sponsors

Sponsors Greg Hirst (Broadgate Securities), Gordon Hall (EuroPVC), Steve Scholey (Gecko Properties) with Tony Oakes (Nov Winner) and Andre Coetzee (Outback Golf Society)

GolfReport Green Valley 18Nov

Great win on countback for Tony Oakes

Green Valley Medal 18 Nov Steve Watkins

Runner up Steve Watkins with our Sponsors

Green Valley Medal 18 Nov Happy Days

Happy Crowd at the Outback!

Green Valley Medal 18 Nov Food2

Good food for all our golfers - courtesy of our Sponsors

Green Valley Medal 18 Nov Food


Published in November 2016
Monday, 24 October 2016 14:11

Green Valley Medal Fri 21 Oct

With Green Valley slowly getting better, we had another large turnout of players battling it out for the coveted place to participate in the Grand Final in September next year. A special welcome to a nice group from the German-Swiss society that joined us. We were also joined by our sponsors, Greg Hirst and Gordon Hall who facilitated in the prize handouts and everyone enjoyed the hors devours and a good night out with the free drink on offer for the first one bought.
Sugar Ray Handford so nearly grabbed the honours again - the greedy little bugger almost did it twice in a row was it not for the Heroics of Mick Beresford, but in the event that anyone does ever win the qualifiers twice, the "yellow jersey" will go to the second placed spot for the entry into the finals.
In joined 3rd place today, there were 4 players on 71 net: Bob Mattes, Tony Oakes, Steve Mann and Bram Vijnveen. Joined top score of the day was Sugar Ray Handford and Mick Beresford each with a fabulous 69. However, Micky just surpassed Sugar by getting a net 34 on the back nine.
There were only two 2's today with Gavin Perfect and Sugar Ray Handford getting a two each. Paul Smith scored lowest gross with 82.
Well done everyone and looking forward to you joining us again in a months time on the 18th November for the next round of this great tournament.
Green Valley Medal 21 Oct Mickey
Greg Hill (Broadgate Securities), Mickey Beresford (Overall Winner), Andre Coetzee (Outback) and Gordon Hall (EuroPVC)
Published in October 2016
Sunday, 16 October 2016 15:37

Green Valley Fri 14 Oct

Word from the players is that Green Valley is improving a lot and that the Greens is almost back to normal. That bodes well for our upcoming medal on Friday 21st. As a reminder, this is a fabulous tournament with lots of sponsored prices and some great finger food and the chance to get a "yellow jersey" entry to the final event in September next year. We hope again to get a good turnout since all our sponsors will be at the bar on Friday.
Onto the results:
In the B division, Mick Beresford scored a great 39 points to finish in 3rd spot. His playing partner and friend, (Eddy) Edward Beilby outdid him to clinch 41 points to finish second. Incidentally, the handicap system finally caught up with Eddie's elaborate recent scores and I see has handicap has been cut to 17.1 from this week, meaning two shots on playing handicap! However, the day belonged to Roy Johan Steinbach, who played the best round of golf in his entire life to finish with 43 points. Roy, being one of the nicest Moldovan's to visit our bar, had no problem in ringing the bell with the bar in full attendance. Thank you Roy!
In the A division, Peter Nixon just missed out on count back for a place to John Stafford who had a better last six on 37 points. In 2nd place, also on 37 points, Geoff King beat John on count back. Steve Mann (who also helped with the day - Thanks Steve!), scored 39 points to win top spot in the A division. Both Steve and John will be joining our South African tour in a few short weeks, and good to see them going into the tour on such good form. Wish the same could be said of my golf!
Green Valley Medal 14 Oct Winners
Micky Beresford (3rd B Div), Steve Mann (1st A Div), Roy Steinbach (1st B Div) and Eddy Beilby (2nd B Div)
GolfReport Green Valley 14Oct
Published in October 2016
Sunday, 09 October 2016 11:40

Monthly Medal Green Valley Fri 7 Oct

We had a great turn out with the first round of our new format monthly medal thanks to our sponsors, Steven Scholey from Gecko Properties, Gordon Hall from Euro PVC and Greg Hirst from Broadgate Securities. After the round, we provided a light finger lunch and snacks, and a free drink when buying your first one at the bar amongst a host of other benefits to the players participating in the monthly medal. The big novelty is that the winner is presented at the prize presentation with a beautiful framed picture of him/her with playing partners on the first tee to make it a bit more memorable than just another trophy sitting on the shelf. Since this Medal round was actually September's tournament, our October medal will be played again next Friday, 21st October, and we hope to see you there.

The course did not play easy, the tee boxes where playing the intended yardage and with the greens still not in perfect shape after coring it two weeks ago and the fairways very wet and soggy, winning the Yellow jersey and an entry ticket to the Medal Championship to be held in September next year was never going to be easy. In the end, Sugar Ray Handford once again brought out the goods on the back nine to win the tournament ahead of several other players also on 71 NET. (Andy) Andrew Makara, Stefan Hoge and Paul Smith all played fabulous golf to finish with 71 net. Paul Smith played a fabulous gross 73 with no one else coming even close to him to secure the low gross prize for the day. Near pin on hole 5 was won by Nev Jolley. Five players scored a two today with Françis Goyons, Bob Lindborg, Sugar Ray Handford, Dave Stockman and Nev Jolley each recording a two.

Green Valley Medal 7 Oct Sugar picture in picture

Monthly Winner - September Round - Sugar Ray Handford

Green Valley Medal 7 Oct Sugar and sponsors

Sponsor Gordon Hall (EuroPVC), Sugar Ray Handford (Winner), Sponsor Greg Hirst (Broadgate Securities), and Andre Coetzee (Outback Golf Society)

Green Valley Medal 7 Oct Sugar

Sugar and playing partners Wayne Cotterell and Sel Wegner

GolfReport Green Valley 7Oct

Published in October 2016
Monday, 03 October 2016 13:38

Green Valley Fri 30 Sept

With Green Valley recovering fast it should be almost back to normal for our monthly medal this coming Friday. Feedback from the players are that the course is recovering well from the coring and already improved much from the previous week.

In 5th place this week with 33 points was John Langley with 33 points. In 4th place, Sugar Ray Handford scored well with 34 points. (Andy) Andrew Makara is on his way back to better golf after a bad low season with a great 37 points for 3rd place. Always in the prizes, (Eddie) Edward Beilby beat Andy on count back to finish 2nd, and in first place, maintaining his good form after our Hua Hin tour was John Stafford yet again with a great 38 points.

Only 1 two in the group today, which goes to Tom Hislop who is out here on a visit with us. Well done everyone!

GolfReport Green Valley 30Sep

Published in September 2016
Monday, 22 August 2016 13:28

Green Valley Monthly Medal Fri 19 Aug

From next month, we will launch our new Monthly Medal series that will really be something special. But more about this in our September newsletter. 

In 5th place today, scoring a 74 and losing on count back was Wally Brown. Beating him, also with 74 net, was Sugar Ray Handford that completed a week where he came 1st twice and 4th once. Good news (for us), is that his naggingly persistant handicap is finally plummeting down, and many of his competing mates are all too thankful with a new, shiny 15.8 handicap from this week, Sugar's lowest in a number of years. Another gentleman that is starting to settle into retirement mode in Thailand, is Gary Lawson, who has been posting some good scores recently. In 2nd place, Jack Butler sneaked in again with an awesome 69 and our winner this week was Stefan Hoge, beating Jack on count back for an awesome 33 net on the back nine.


 GolfReport Green Valley Friday 19Aug

Published in August 2016
Monday, 15 August 2016 11:00

Green Valley Fri 12 Aug

Our usual Friday outing at Green Valley is greeted by changes on a weekly basis on the first tee. A shortened carry is evident and signs of grass being planted after the shorter carry will make our higher handicappers happy. For the time being, we treat the area as GUR and give anyone who lands in that area relief to the red tee or nearest point of relief, without penalty. 

Our Green Valley field was a bit depleted since we also had a parallel tour group playing St. Andrews. So with the B division being 18 handicap and up, we had 12 players contesting the B division. Scores were generally very good today and in 3rd place place on count back was Bruce McAdam. (Eng) Sunanta Eng Cottrell continued her good form and scored a great 39 points, even though her handicap has reduced from last week. Between Eng on count back was Bob Mattes who played great to finish in 1st place with his 39 points and 19 on the back 9.

In the A division, Jack Butler had his second outing with the Outback and played well again, scoring a great 37 points to finish 3rd. Beating jack on count back, Wally Brown scored well again and beat Jack on count back for 2nd. The day belonged to Peter le Noury scoring a great 40 points to take top honours.


 GolfReport Green Valley Friday 12Aug

Published in August 2016
Sunday, 07 August 2016 22:44

Green Valley Fri 5 Aug

Another good turn out at Green Valley brings the total number of rounds played with the Outback last week to 143, not bad for the low season and keeping both Tawan and myself very busy on the transport side as well! Feedback from this week was that the course was playing average, so obviously not as good as the week before when we had our medal when i thought it was in great shape.

Some really good scores came in though: In division B, Aussie tourer Beau Mete scraped into the prizes with his 36 points on count back. Andy Makara who has been in the prizes far too often in the last two weeks got into 4th spot (losing on on count back) to William Peach, who continues his good and consistant form also on 37pts. In 2nd place, Edward Beilby (Eddie) was playing splendid golf with 40pts, but it was Sunanta Eng Cotterell who had her very best game in a long time with a splendid 45 points. 

In A division, we welcome back Yuri murakami and Yasu Arakawa, with Yuri scoring 36 its to come 5th on count back. In 4th spot, Aussie tourer Steve Della-marta came good to finish 4th. Jack Butler joined us for a game from Village hackers society and immediately recorded a 3rd place with his 38 points. We also welcome back our Outback friend Wally Brown who is here for a couple of weeks - stepping almost straight of a plane, Wally recorded a remarkable 40 points to finish 2nd. Peter Nixon allowed his handicap to deteriorate over the last few months but his gross 77 with 42 points put him back in the driving seat and no doubt, we'll see his handicap come down again shortly. Great going Peter!

There were quite a few two's today - Peter Nixon scoring two on holes 5 and 8, Jean-philippe Maffray on hole 5, and William Peach on hole 12.

Friday 5 Aug Winners Green valley

From L-R: Della, Andy, Erng (Div B 1st) , Eddie (Div B 2nd), Yuri, Wally (Div A 2nd) and Beau


 GolfReport Green Valley Friday 5Aug

Published in August 2016

With an intimidating start due to the lake being filled up and a long carry, a medal competition can seem quite daunting when you stand on the first tee box at Green Valley at the moment. Surprisingly, just about everyone navigated the first hole quite well judging by the scores. Green Valley is in really good shape I thought, the fairways was lush in most places, and the greens were running at a good speed, - not championship fast but definitely not grainy and slow. 

Finishing in 5th place was Barry Copestake with a net par 72. In 4th place, Sugar Ray Handford came up with the goods again to finish with a great 69 net. In 3rd place, Peter Nixon scored an awesome 68 but loosing on count back to Andre Coetzee for 3rd and 2nd places respectively. Stefan Hoge scored an awesome 66 to be this months Outback champion. Well done Stefan! The low gross went to Andre Coetzee with 78 off the stick.

Stefan Andre Sugar

In the picture, Stefan 1st, Sugar 3rd and Andre 2nd.


GolfReport Green Valley Friday 29 July Medal


Published in July 2016
Monday, 13 June 2016 19:00

Green Valley Fri 10 June

A very good low season turn out with 35 players (31 competitors) at Green valley today. No doubt everyone enjoyed playing Green valley after the tournament and word from the players are that the Greens was in good nick.

Playing in two divisions, with the handicap cutoff at 0-19 for A div and 20 up for B division, 4th place in B division went to Stefan Hoge, with Sugar Ray getting ready for Chiang Mai trip with 37 points in 3rd place. In 2nd place beating Sugar on count back, Bob Mattes played well, but it was Keith Allen who walked off with the honours on 40 points.

Scoring in the A division was really high proving again that our courses generally play progressively harder for the higher handicappers and therefore justifying once again using the USGA slope index rules to determine playing handicap. With 38 points, Peter Nixon is in the prizes for the second time this week. JP Maffray, who hasn't been playing to form lately, scored a great 39 points. Tony Oakes must have thought that he had won on 42 points, but John Stafford clinched first with a great 43 points.

Tony Oakes and Steve Compton were the only players scoring a two today.

 Tony and John

Tony Oaks (2nd) and John Stafford (1st)


Flight Pos Name HCP Index Playing Hcp Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back Points
A 1 Stafford, John 14.2 16 White 81 43 23
A 2 Oakes, Tony 10.5 12 White 78 42 21
A 3 Maffray, Jean 14.3 16 White 85 39 19
A 4 Nixon, Peter C 9.6 11 White 81 38 20
A 5 Mann, Stephen 10.2 11 White 83 36 22
A 6 Copestake, Barry 15.5 17 White 90 35 19
A 7 St Aubin, Bob 12.7 14 White 88 34 20
A 7 Hermann, Mathias 9.8 11 White 85 34 14
A 9 Farrell, Adam 10.7 12 White 87 33 18
A 10 Wegner, Selwyn G. 12.3 14 White 90 32 15
A 11 Danboise, Kim 13.5 15 White 94 29 16
A 11 Regan, Patrick 12.8 14 White 93 29 12
A 13 Day, David 14.1 16 White 96 28 19
A 14 Rawlings, Steve 3.2 4 White 89 23 12
A 14 Gilchrist, Tony 10.3 11 White 96 23 11
B 1 Allen, Keith 17.7 20 White 88 40 19
B 2 Mattes, Robert 19.8 22 White 93 37 20
B 2 Handford, Sugar Ray 17.4 19 White 90 37 19
B 4 Hoge, Stefan 19.3 21 White 93 36 19
B 5 Beresford, Michael 18.6 21 White 95 34 18
B 6 Lindborg, Bob 23.1 26 White 101 33 22
B 6 Makara, Andrew 26.3 29 White 104 33 19
B 6 Davies, David 22.4 25 White 100 33 17
B 9 Beilby, Eddy 18.1 20 White 96 32 16
B 9 Peach, William 21.6 21 Silver 97 32 15
B 11 Karagit, (Jum) 19.5 22 White 100 30 15
B 12 McAdam, Bruce 23.6 26 White 107 27 15
B 13 Compton, Steve 21.3 24 White 106 26 13
B 13 Little, James 21.5 24 White 106 26 11
B 15 Blazsanyik, Stephen 16.9 19 White 102 25 13
B 16 Clarkson, Jeffrey Bar 27.4 30 White 114 24 15
Published in June 2016
Monday, 23 May 2016 09:10

Green Valley Fri 20 May Monthly Medal

With it being a public holiday and with numerous regular players being abroad our numbers were down for our monthly medal. That didn't stop numerous players from scoring better than net par rounds, but in the end, it was John Stafford's day. Not only did John win the lowest gross (from a 17 handicap!), but he also recorded the only 2 and he won the lowest net with 65. Talk about scooping up!

In 2nd place, Wayne Cotterell came in with a great 68, with his wife, Sunanta, sharing 3rd place with Kim Danboise.

John Stafford2

John Stafford - cleaning up the Monthly Medal!


Pos Name HCP Index Playing Hcp Total Gross Net Score Net Back Score
1 Stafford, John 15.8 17 82 65 34
2 Cotterell, Wayne 13.7 15 83 68 33
3 Danboise, Kim 15.3 17 87 70 35
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 18.8 21 91 70 37
5 Mattes, Robert 20.3 22 93 71 33
6 Lawson, Gary 21 23 94 71 36
7 Eyles, William 16.7 18 91 73 38
8 Kwang Bae, Lee 9 10 85 75 39
9 Handford, Sugar Ray 17.4 19 95 76 37
10 Makara, Andrew 26 29 106 77 37
11 Broadbent, Cameron 22 24 104 80 40
12 Hensher, George 30.6 34 115 81 38
13 Plant, Steve 12 13 95 82 38
14 McAdam, Bruce 23.1 26 115 89 44
15 Lindborg, Bob 24 27 NR    
16 Handford, Aaron 35 39 NR    



Published in May 2016
Monday, 09 May 2016 09:41

Green Valley Fri 6 May

Welcome back to Chris Wilmott who returns to Pattaya for a few weeks. Playing in two divisions today, the scoring was pretty balanced between the two divisions. Starting with the 2nd division, Bob Mattes scored a pretty good 35 points to finish in 3rd spot. Keith Allen, having shed a few kilo's with his active cycling regime and playing much better golf, finished 2nd with 38 points and the B division winner was Sugar Ray, having been on the podium for a 2nd time this week.

In the A division, Peter Lenoury ended up in 3rd place with 37 points, JP Maffray ended up with 39 points in 2nd place and Cotty continuing his good form with 41 points to finish 1st.

Several two's today with Wayne Cotterell scoring 2 x 2's, Steve Mann, Takita Takashi, Eddy Beilby and John leonard each scoring a single two.

Sugar and Cotty

 Sugar Ray Handford (Div B Winner) and Wayne Cotterell (Div A Winner)


Flight Pos Name HCP Index Playing Hcp Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back Points
A 1 Cotterell, Wayne 14.2 16 White 83 41 24
A 2 Maffray, Jean 13 14 White 83 39 20
A DQ Copestake, Barry 15.3 17 White 87 38 21
A 3 LeNoury, Peter 11.5 13 White 84 37 20
A 4 Wilmott, Christopher 14.3 16 White 88 36 22
A 5 Oakes, Tony 11 12 White 84 36 18
A 6 Braithwaite, Geoff 9.1 10 White 83 35 18
A 7 Stafford, John 16 18 White 91 35 18
A 8 Brackett, James 7 8 White 83 33 16
A 9 Mann, Stephen 10.7 12 White 88 32 16
A 10 Eyles, William 16.4 18 White 95 31 22
A 11 Leonard, John 16.7 18 White 95 31 17
A 12 Pelly, Dennis 12.5 14 White 93 29 14
A 13 Takashi, Takita 9 10 White 91 28 14
A 14 Plant, Steve 12 13 White 97 24 10
B 1 Handford, Sugar Ray 18 20 White 87 41 23
B 2 Allen, Keith 17.7 20 White 90 38 19
B 3 Mattes, Robert 20.8 23 White 96 35 16
B 3 Makara, Andrew 25.5 28 White 101 35 13
B 5 Fidele, Neil 20.1 22 White 97 34 14
B 6 Beilby, Eddy 17.4 19 White 94 33 14
B 7 Lindborg, Bob 23.6 26 White 102 32 15
B 8 McAdam, Bruce 23 25 White 102 31 16
B 9 Mette, Beau 21 23 White 101 30 13
B 10 Hensher, George 29.7 33 White 113 28 12
B 11 Sugaya, Kazuo 17 19 White 106 21 11
B 11 Handford, Aaron 35 36 Red 123 21 6



Published in May 2016

With a fun 2Ball scramble format and a day of great food and lots of prizes sponsored by our birthday boys, Bob Lindborg and Bob Mattes, what better way is there to start a day off at Green Valley. A special welcome back to Barney Clarkson who didnt play but did join us in the afternoon, and that contributed to the merry atmosphere as many of Barney's old friends were at the bar. Green Valley is in good shape shortly before the Singha tournament and the Greens are in really good shape at the moment.

Always competitive, Sugar took great joy in taking a few bob from playing partners Eddie and Pat due to Andy Makara sinking putts from everywhere it seems. Playing perfect dovetail golf on the back 9, Sugar and Andy won in the end on countback from Irng and Cottee with a fantastic score of 62 net and only 27 net on the back nine. What a fabulous performance and nice when everything works like it should in a game!!

 Friday winners

 Sugar Ray Handford and Andy Makara (1st) with Irng and Wayne Cotterell (2nd)


1st Place: Andy Makara and Sugar Ray Handford

2nd Place: Wayne and Erng Cotterell

3rd Place: Bob Lindborg and Barry Fisher

Novelty Prizes:

Near Pins: Bruce McAdam (Hole 5), Cottee (Hole 6), Andy Makara (Holes 12 and 16)

Nearest for 2 team: Eddie/Pat (Hole 11), KB/George (Hole 18)



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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 10:40

Green Valley Fri 22 Apr


Flight Pos Name HCP Index Playing Hcp Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back Points
A 2 Maffray, Jean 12.9 14 White 82 40 21
A 4 Blazsanyik, Stephen 17.4 19 White 88 39 16
A 7 LeNoury, Peter 11.5 13 White 85 36 17
A 8 Nixon, Peter C 8.3 9 White 83 34 17
A 9 Allen, Keith 17.6 19 White 93 34 14
A 11 Stafford, John 17 19 White 95 32 14
A 13 Beilby, Eddy 17 19 White 96 31 18
A 14 Barnes, Robert 10.3 11 White 88 31 17
A 15 Atkinson, Dave 16 18 White 96 30 18
A 17 Mann, Stephen 10.1 11 White 90 29 15
A 18 Plant, Steve 12 13 White 92 29 10
A 19 Heiskanen, Reijo 15.2 17 White 99 27 17
B 1 Handford, Sugar Ray 18.1 20 White 87 41 19
B 3 Davies, David 26.6 29 White 98 39 18
B 5 Mattes, Robert 20.9 23 White 95 36 23
B 6 Wilkinson, Brian 19.8 22 White 94 36 19
B 10 Campbell, Paul 18.2 20 White 96 33 16
B 11 Lindborg, Bob 24 27 White 103 32 14
B 16 Makara, Andrew 24.1 27 White 105 30 12
B 20 Srinual, Churairat 24.4 25 Red 107 27 12
B 21 Domingue, Lindsay 19.1 21 White 105 25 8
B 22 McAdam, Bruce 23 25 White 110 23 10
B 23 Eichenberger, Darren 18.9 21 White 112 18 4



Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
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Monday, 02 May 2016 09:43

Green Valley Fri 29 Apr Medal

With a good low season turnout and welcoming back Geoff Braithwaite, John Leonard, and Kazuo Sagaya from Japan, Green Valley was the usual venue for our monthly medal. Green Valley seems to be holding up reasonably well apart from the dry and barren patches, but doing better than most of the other B grade courses that we play. 

Scoring was particularly good on this medal day, with 9 players beating par but the big surprise of the day was that out of a sizable field, not a single two was to be had all day, so that prompted a "bell ring" and a drink for everyone that was kind enough to be present at the prize presentation. 

Prize awards extended all the way down to 6th position, with John Stafford and Steve Plant joint 5th with a net 69. Joint 2nd was Steve Mann, Eddy Beilby and Peter Lenoury all on 68, but the man that no one could catch was Kazuo Sagaya from Japan, scoring an outrageous 63 net. Kazuo played a few times with us before and with a verified Japanese handicap of 24 (Outback Index 22), he will in future be slashed to 17 hcp in future competitions with the Outback! Well done on a remarkable achievement!

Kazyo medal winner

Kazuo Sagaya - our monthly medal winner with an outrageous 63 net. Well Done!


Pos Name HCP Index Playing Hcp Total Gross
Net Score Net Back Score
1 Sugaya, Kazuo 22 24 87
63 29
2 Mann, Stephen 10.5 12 80
68 33
3 Beilby, Eddy 17 19 87
68 35
4 Lenoury, Peter 11.4 13 81
68 37
5 Plant, Steve 12 13 82
69 33
6 Stafford, John 17 19 88
69 35
7 Handford, Sugar Ray 18 20 90
70 32
8 Copan, Maurice 8.7 10 80
70 33
9 Mattes, Robert 20.8 23 93
70 34
10 Oakes, Tony 11 12 84
72 34
11 Davies, David 25.9 29 101
72 38
12 Hensher, George 29.4 33 106
73 35
13 Scott, George 25 28 102
74 34
14 Nixon, Peter C 8.3 9 85
76 36
15 Maffray, Jean 12.9 14 91
77 39
16 McAdam, Bruce 23 25 102
77 40
17 Braithwaite, Geoff 9.1 10 88
78 38
18 Van Heetvelde, Willy 18.2 20 98
78 40
19 Leonard, John 16.7 18 97
79 39
19 Makara, Andrew 24.7 27 106
79 39
21 Wilkinson, Brian 18.2 17 97
80 38
22 Copestake, Barry 13.9 15 96
81 38
23 Handford, Aaron 35 36 118
82 35
24 Pelly, Dennis 12.5 14 99
85 38
25 Cooper, John 12.6 14 99
85 43
26 Allen, Keith 17.6 19 104
85 47
27 Lindborg, Bob 23.8 26 NR




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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 10:19

Green Valley Fri 15 Apr



Flight Pos Name HCP Index Playing Hcp Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back Points
A 1 Stafford, John 18.5 20 White 88 40 22
A 2 Harrison, Geoff 15.4 17 White 91 34 19
A 3 Phisetrit, Ianthira 16.2 16 Red 90 34 18
A 4 Blazsanyik, Stephen 18.2 20 White 94 34 17
A 5 Lindborg, Bob 23.6 26 White 100 34 16
A 6 Jordison, Brad 6.8 8 White 83 33 17
A 7 Danboise, Kim 14 15 White 90 33 16
A 7 Bockstahler, Bill 16.8 19 White 94 33 16
A 9 Maffray, Jean 13.4 15 White 90 33 15
A 10 Makara, Andrew 23.3 26 White 103 31 17
A 11 Patterson, Colin 20.9 23 White 102 29 12
A 12 Nixon, Peter C 8.3 9 White 89 28 13
A 13 Hope, Don 27.1 30 White 110 28 12
A 14 McAdam, Bruce 22.8 25 White 106 27 11
A 14 Hensher, George 29.7 33 White 114 27 11
A 16 Allen, Keith 18.2 20 White 103 25 12
A 17 Roche, Gerry 15.9 18 White 105 21 10
A 18 Bannister, Paul 16 18 White 112 16 8



Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
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Monday, 04 April 2016 03:21

Green Valley Fri 1 Apr

Thanks to Steve Mann for organizing the day at Green Valley, where the course played rather hard with only 2 scores bettering handicap, with the A division guys clearly finding the course easier, despite receiving a shot or two less on playing handicap than the B division.

In Div B, Dave Atkinson finally found a caddy that could read his way of putting (LOL), and he came in with a score of 34 points to finish 3rd in Div B. In 2nd place, Eddy Beilby had another good round to finish 2nd with 36 points, and in 1st place, after a long drought from any prices, was very pleased with his 36 points to beat Eddy on countback for 1st place. In the A division, Peter LeNoury finished 3rd with 35 points, Peter Nixon again beat his handicap to finish 2nd with a great 37 points, but the great score of the day went to Tony Oaks with his fabulous 40 points.

There were only 1 two on the day as well, which belonged to Tony Oaks who cleaned up on the two's pot. Great day and well done Tony and the rest!


Green Valley Winners 1 April

Tony Oaks (Div A 1st), Eddy Beilby (Div B 2nd) and Bob Mattes (Div B 1st)


Flight Pos Name HCP Index Playing Hcp Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back Points
A 1 Oakes, Tony 13 14 White 82 40 20
A 2 Nixon, Peter C 10 11 White 82 37 18
A 3 Lenoury, Peter 12.9 14 White 87 35 20
A 4 Copan, Maurice 11 12 White 87 33 18
A 4 Plant, Steve 12 13 White 88 33 16
A 6 McDonough, Anthony 14.6 16 White 92 32 19
A 6 Copestake, Barry 15.1 17 White 93 32 14
A 8 Roche, Gerry 16 18 White 96 30 17
A 8 Phisetrit, Ianthira 16.2 16 Red 94 30 16
A 8 Jordison, Brad 8.4 9 White 87 30 15
A 8 Mann, Stephen 11.8 13 White 91 30 14
A 12 Rothman, Kerry 14.7 16 White 96 28 16
A 13 Hermann, Mathias 8.2 9 White 93 25 14
B 1 Mattes, Robert 21.7 24 White 96 36 21
B 2 Beilby, Eddy 18.7 21 White 93 36 16
B 3 Atkinson, Dave 16.8 19 White 93 34 19
B 4 Hensher, George 28.4 31 White 106 33 16
B 4 Hughes, Gerry 20 22 White 97 33 13
B 6 Handford, Sugar Ray 17.6 19 White 95 32 17
B 6 Stafford, John 18.5 20 White 96 32 16
B 8 Makara, Andrew 24.1 27 White 105 30 16
B 8 Davies, David 25.8 29 White 107 30 14
B 10 Lindborg, Bob 23.7 26 White 105 29 14
B 11 McAdam, Bruce 22.8 25 White 107 26 14



Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
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Saturday, 19 March 2016 20:35

Green Valley Fri 18 Mar

With us returing from our Hua Hin tour on Friday, a big thank you again to Sugar Ray for organizing the golf. With a small group left at Green Valley, the scoring did not dissapoint, and congratulations to Eddie Beilby who had another blast of a round (even with a 2 shot HC cut this week), to finish with 42 points. In 2nd place was Bob Finley who continues with his good form with 40 points, and in 3rd place was Gerry Roche with 37 points.


Div Pos Name HCP Index Playing HCP Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back Points
A 1 Beilby, Eddy 19.2 21 White 87 42 21
A 2 Finley, Robert 15.4 17 White 85 40 21
A 3 Roche, Gerry 16 18 White 89 37 17
A 4 Missler, Mike 8 9 White 82 35 17
A 5 LeNoury, Peter 11.5 13 White 88 33 15
A 6 Handford, Sugar Ray 17.4 19 White 96 31 14
A 7 Mattes, Robert 21.2 23 White 101 30 19
A 8 Lindborg, Bob 23.7 26 White 106 28 17



Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
Published in March 2016
Sunday, 13 March 2016 22:36

Green Valley Fri 9 Mar

With many of our visiting friends returning back home or elsewhere in Thailand, our numbers have dwindled somewhat this week, and we had a more mundane 22 people returning scorecards. Green Valley was a breeze judging by the scores, and for the 2nd time in a week, we had a "high pointer" in our midst. This time from the always potent Mr. Eddie Beilby.

Scoring a brilliant 23 points on each 9, Eddie recorded 46 points from his Playing handicap of 22. For those that followed my statistical analysis earlier in the week with Sugar Ray's score, Eddie's probability of shooting 8 under on his handicap index of 20 is 1,138:1, so this should be a once in about 5 year score for Eddie! Good going there young man!

Other noteworthy performances of the day was Andy Makara coming 3rd in Div B with 37 points. The lovely young Rona Carunga scored 41 points to finish in 2nd place behind Eddie as we see her handicap coming down by a few shots this week. In Div A, the ever present Peter Nixon played another steady round to finish 3rd with 37 points, and our friend from Japan, Yurie Murakami, recorded a great 40points to round off their trip to Thailand in style with a 2nd place. Sel Wegner recorded the lowest gross score on the day and is also the points winner of Div A with a fantastic 42 points.

The only 2's to be had all day belonged to none other than Mr. Eddie Beilby and Andy Makara! Well done guys.


 Green Valley winners 9 Mar

Div A winner Sel Wegner, Div A 2nd Yurie Murakami, Div B and overall Winner Eddy Beilby, and Div B 3rd Andy Makara


Div Pos Name HCP Index Playing HCP Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back 9 Points
A 1 Wegner, Selwyn G. 13.6 15 White 81 42 23
A 2 Murakami, Yurie 15.7 16 Red 84 40 24
A 3 Nixon, Peter C 11.3 13 White 84 37 23
A 4 Copan, Maurice 12 13 White 86 35 17
A 5 LeNoury, Peter 11.5 13 White 88 33 20
A 5 Missler, Mike 9.1 10 White 85 33 18
A 7 Finley, Robert 15.5 17 White 93 32 18
A 7 Stimpson, Geoff 5.5 6 White 82 32 16
A 9 Stafford, John 15.5 17 White 94 31 18
A 9 Mann, Stephen 11 12 White 89 31 16
A 11 McDonough, Anthony 13.4 15 White 94 29 17
A 12 Arakawa, Yasumasa 4.2 5 White 85 28 11
B 1 Beilby, Eddy 20.1 22 White 84 46 23
B 2 Carungay, Ronnalyn 35.1 36 Red 103 41 21
B 3 Makara, Andrew 23.4 26 White 97 37 17
B 4 McAdam, Bruce 23 25 White 97 36 15
B 5 Handford, Sugar Ray 21 23 White 97 34 18
B 6 Mattes, Bob 21 23 White 100 31 15
B 7 Copestake, Barry 16.2 18 White 97 29 13
B 7 Pattison, Anthony 17.8 20 White 99 29 11
B 9 Davies, David 25.6 28 White 111 25 13
B 10 Compton, Steve 21.8 24 White 109 23 10


Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
Published in March 2016
Monday, 07 March 2016 11:08

Green Valley Fri 4 Mar

Another busy day for us with a good turnout of regulars and tourists. We're seeing a couple of complaints starting to trickle in due to the maintenance work being carried out on the course, and we advised all players to use the GUR rule for the barren patches on the fairways where the invading grasses have been removed. (In line with the sign posted at the clubhouse). So I guess we will just have to play around these areas for the next couple of weeks until it's been fixed with new grass.

Scoring was good and in line with what one would expect, and in Division B, Bruce Mcadam was in the prizes for the 2nd time this week with 34 pts, Gordon Clegg returned a good 35 points to come in 3rd spot, followed by Rona Carungay on 36 points and our B division winner, Paul Watts scoring a brilliant 38 points from his newley revised 21 handicap index.

In the A division, Wayne Cotterell scored a 36 pointer to beat JP Maffray, who's golf is continuing to improve to finish 3rd on countback, Mike Missler again in the prizes with 38 points n 2nd place, and Bob Finley being our big winner with a fantastic and long overdue win on 41 points.

There were 4 two's recorded: KB Lee, Cotty, Kim Danboise and Bob Lindborg. Well done everyone.

 Green Valley Winners 4Feb

Div B winner Paul Watts, Bruce Mcadam (4th) and Wayne Cotterell (3rd A Div)


Flight Pos Name HCP Index Playing HCP Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back Points
A 1 Finley, Robert 16.7 18 White 85 41 22
A 2 Missler, Mike 10.2 11 White 81 38 18
A 3 Cotterell, Wayne 13.2 15 White 87 36 17
A 3 Maffray, Jean 13.8 15 White 87 36 15
A 5 Danboise, Kim 13 14 White 90 33 16
A 6 Lee, KB 9 10 White 87 31 17
A 6 Keddie, Nuan 16.3 18 White 95 31 14
A 8 Mann, Stephen 11 12 White 90 30 17
A 8 Payne, Phil 16 18 White 96 30 17
A 8 Mattes, Robert 16.7 18 White 96 30 16
A 8 Wegner, Selwyn G. 13.7 15 White 93 30 14
A 8 Copestake, Barry 16.3 18 White 96 30 12
A 8 Huomo, Matti 16.6 18 White 96 30 11
A 14 Copan, Maurice 11.9 13 White 93 28 15
A 14 Deletraz, Michel 9.7 11 White 91 28 14
A 16 Stafford, John 15.8 17 White 98 27 13
A 18 Kangas, Jukka 16 18 White 104 26 15
A 18 Lenoury, Peter 12.6 14 White 96 26 12
A 18 Puhakka, Petri 15 17 White 99 26 12
A 20 Hawkes, Lindsay 8.3 9 White 95 25 12
A 20 Plant, Steve 12 13 White 96 25 11
A 22 Bennett, Darren 8.5 9 White 102 16 12
B 1 Watts, Paul 21 23 White 93 38 19
B 2 Carungay, Ronnalyn 35.3 36 Red 107 37 22
B 3 Clegg, Gordon 31.5 35 White 108 35 14
B 4 McAdam, Bruce 22.7 25 White 99 34 17
B 5 Beilby, Eddy 19.1 21 White 97 32 21
B 5 Makara, Andrew 23.4 26 White 102 32 16
B 7 Handford, Sugar Ray 18.8 21 White 98 31 16
B 7 Lindborg, Bob 23.8 26 White 103 31 16
B 9 Duangwaw, Sunanta 18.2 19 Red 97 30 16
B 10 Turner, Edwin 19.7 22 White 102 28 15
B 12 Davies, David 25.5 28 White 111 25 17
B 12 Wittmaak, Michael 20.5 23 White 107 25 12
B 14 Lehtonen, Satu 25.2 28 White 112 24 15
B 14 Heiskanen, Reijo 19.6 22 White 109 24 12


Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
Published in March 2016
Friday, 25 March 2016 21:53

Green Valley Medal Fri 25 Mar

Getting to late in the high season, numbers remain good and we had a full field with 10 groups taking on Green Valley. We welcome quite a few new faces at this time and several returning players that we haven't seen for a few months. Welcome back Chopper, Svenn Lund and the new guys Kazuo Sugaya, Ray Wilkes, Brian Rudd and Tom Williams.

The course played well and we did see some good scores today with Mike Missler and Gerry Roche beating par with 71 net in 6th place, Cottee in 5th place with 70 net, third place went jointly to Tony McDonough and Kazuo Sugaya with a great 69. In 2nd place losing on countback with a fantastic 66 was Gerry Hughes, and our Overall net winner today was Steve Plant with a superb 66 Net. Steve has been having a few rough scores over the time he's been with us and I am pretty pleased to see a great game come through for him today. 

Our Gross winner today with 75 Gross was Walter Panichi, a fantastic achievement. There were 3 two's today by Mike Missler, Steve Plant and Gerry Roche. 

Green Valley Winners Fri 25 Mar

From left to right: Gerry Hughes (2nd), Kazuo Sugaya (3rd), Steve Plant (1st), Tony McDonough (3rd) and Cotty (5th)


Pos Name Tour Hcp Total Gross
Net Score Net Back Score
1 Plant, Steve 14 80
66 34
2 Hughes, Gerry 23 89
66 35
3 McDonough, Anthony 16 85
69 33
3 Sugaya, Kazuo 25 94
69 33
5 Cotterell, Wayne 14 84
70 31
6 Roche, Gerry 17 88
71 34
7 Missler, Mike 9 80
71 36
8 Mann, Stephen 13 85
72 37
9 Beilby, Eddy 21 93
72 39
10 Panichi, Walter 2 75
73 35
11 Lund, Svenn 14 87
73 36
12 Copestake, Barry 17 91
74 32
13 Jordison, Brad 9 83
74 38
14 Finley, Robert 17 92
75 41
15 Jeucken, Peter 13 89
76 38
16 Perrino, Tony 13 89
76 39
16 Stafford, John 20 96
76 39
18 Wegner, Selwyn G. 13 90
77 37
19 Rylance, Russ 13 90
77 38
20 Handford, Sugar Ray 19 96
77 39
21 McAdam, Bruce 25 102
77 40
21 Lindborg, Bob 26 103
77 40
23 Makara, Andrew 27 104
77 45
24 Wilkes, Ray 16 95
79 39
25 Phisetrit, Ianthira 16 96
80 39
26 Mattes, Robert 23 103
80 40
27 Rothman, Kerry 16 97
81 38
27 Duangwaw, Sunanta 20 101
81 38
29 Nixon, Peter C 12 93
81 40
30 Cheetham, Norman 18 103
85 45
31 Williams, Tom 18 105
87 42
32 Loevgren, Per 15 102
87 47
33 O'Connor, John 17 105
88 40
34 Butterworth, Andy 12 101
89 54
35 Davies, David 28 118
90 41
36 Buchanan, David 0 90
90 47
37 Hensher, George 31 124
93 46
38 Rudd, Brian 20 113
93 47
39 Lenoury, Peter 14 0



Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
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Monday, 29 February 2016 11:57

Green Valley Medal - Fri 26 Feb

Another good turn out for our medal event with almost 40 players. A bit of rain the day before had us playing winter rules with "Lift, Clean and Place" on the fairways. The Greens was running fast and really good, so no issues with the course maintenance today!

As a result of the good condition of Green Valley at the moment, it does make for more enjoyable golf and as a result much better scores than usual, and 8 players shot better than handicap net scores today. That is quite an achievement in a medal round!

Because of the large field, our prize winners stretched a bit longer today and in joint 6th place was John Lawton and Andy Makara, each on net 70. In joint 4th place was Bob Finley and Andy Makara, each on net 69. In 3rd place was Yasu Arakawa with an awesome 68 from his 9 handicap. In 2nd place was Geoff Stimpson who continues to play well througout the high season with a great 68 from his 6 handicap, shooting just 2 over gross par. Mike Missler continues to play well following his recovery from injury and no doubt will see his handicap continue to come down. Mike shot an excellent 64 net (gross 76), to be the clear winner for this month's event.

Young Nicholas Jenkins (playing off +2) is finally getting some form and finished as this months low gross winner - 73 of the stick.

Bob Mattes, KB Lee, Kim Danboise, George Hensher, Andy Makara and Sugar Ray Handford all recorded a 2 on their round.

Congratulations to all!

Medal winner for February: Mike Missler


 Monthly Medal results (Excludes NR and DQ'd names):

Pos Name Playing Hcp Total Gross
Net Score Net Back Score
1 Missler, Mike 12 76
64 33
2 Stimpson, Geoff 6 74
68 34
3 Arakawa, Yasumasa 9 77
68 36
4 Finley, Robert 19 88
69 36
4 Makara, Andrew 27 96
69 36
6 Lawton, John 22 92
70 36
6 Lindborg, Bob 26 96
70 36
8 Hoge, Stefan 21 92
71 36
9 Murakami, Yurie 15 87
72 35
10 McAdam, Bruce 26 99
73 37
11 Palmer, Robert 25 98
73 39
12 Bryce, Al 9 82
73 40
13 Copestake, Barry 18 92
74 34
14 Coetzee, Andre 9 83
74 35
15 Hughes, Gerry 24 99
75 38
15 Copan, Maurice 12 87
75 38
15 Indge, Michael 18 93
75 38
18 Jenkins, Nicholas +2 73
75 39
19 McIntosh, Barry 25 100
75 41
20 Stafford, John 19 94
75 42
21 Parker, Tom 23 100
77 35
22 Danboise, Kim 14 91
77 36
23 Handford, Sugar Ray 20 97
77 42
24 Lee, KB 10 89
79 38
25 Hensher, George 30 110
80 40
25 Mann, Stephen 12 92
80 40
27 Fitzgerald, John 21 102
81 43
28 Blazsanyik, Stephen 24 106
82 46
29 Ong, Spencer 25 108
83 50
30 Heiskanen, Reijo 17 101
84 38
31 Mattes, Bob 20 105
85 42
32 Roche, Gerry 19 106
87 45
33 Turner, Ed 23 114
91 48
34 Studds, Roy 40 135
95 43


Andy 39 pts (10)
3 Turner, Ed 33 pts (21)
4 Stafford, Bernie 33 pts (15)
5 Nixon, Peter 32 pts (09)
6 Plunkett, Ivan 31 pts (25)
7 Pelly, Dennis 31 pts (15)
8 Finley, Bob 31 pts (16)
9 Jolley, Nev 31 pts (19)
10 Marsh, Peter 30 pts (22)
11 Stimpson, Geoff 30 pts (07)
12 Moon, Peter 30 pts (21)
13 Stonebridge, Pete 30 pts (20)
14 Hoge, Stefan 27 pts (18)
15 Curtis, Kevin 26 pts (25)
16 Little, Jimmy 26 pts (19)
17 Sheppard, Murray 24 pts (26)
18 Penfold, Chris 9 pts (36)
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Green Valley Fri 12 Feb

With our field exceeding 40 players and playing in three divisions, a busy start to the day with our staff scrambling to get our Outback breakfasts prepared for the early morning revellers. Even though the groups are getting bigger all the time, we have no difficulty getting everyone signed up and going using the Tournament Manager software linked in to the PSC handicap system. With everyone receiving their printed scorecards as is the norm now at the Outback, we had a good start a little ahead of schedule.

The greens setup was very tough with difficult pin positions and fast greens, something very refreshing and unusual for Green Valley, and even though scoring wasn't that high, our groups thoroughly enjoyed this different look Green Valley. The result however was a highest score 35 points on the day, and with a relatively large field, the smiles were big for Greg Hill and Mike Missler who had the only 2's in the day.

Starting off with the C division, with handicaps 18 and up, Bob Lindborg scored 28 pts to finish 3rd, Waldo with 30 pts finished 2nd and Barry Mcintosh, to his surprise, clinched 1st prize with 31 points. In the B division with handicaps 13-17, John Stafford scored 31 points to finish 3rd, JP Maffray beating him on countback to finish 2nd, and Greg Hill visiting us from Hua Hin finishing 1st with a great 35 pts as well. In the A division, Stephen Mann finished 3rd with 34 pts, only to be beaten by KB Lee on countback, and in 1st place was Michel Deletraz with a great 35 points on a difficult day.

GV winners 12 Feb

Div B winner Greg Hill and Div C winner Barry Mcintosh

Div A: [0-12]

Overall Position 13 Players Score (Course H'cap)
2 Deletraz, Michel 35 pts (9)
3 Lee, KB 34 pts (7)
4 Mann, Stephen 34 pts (9)
5 Lenoury, Peter 32 pts (11)
6 Goon, Colin 32 pts (3)
7 Danboise, Kim 32 pts (12)
11 Missler, Mike 31 pts (10)
12 Nichols, Stuart 31 pts (10)
14 Stimpson, Geoff 30 pts (5)
21 Copan, Maurice 27 pts (12)
26 Hack, Paul 25 pts (11)
29 Plant, Steve 25 pts (11)
30 Oakes, Tony 24 pts (11)

Div B: [13-17]

Overall Position 11 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Hill, Greg 35 pts (17)
9 Maffray, Jean 31 pts (13)
10 Stafford, John 31 pts (16)
15 Wegner, Selwyn G. 29 pts (14)
16 Cotterell, Wayne 29 pts (13)
20 Duangwaw, Sunanta 27 pts (16)
22 Wilmott, Christopher 26 pts (15)
25 Finley, Robert 26 pts (15)
32 Copestake, Barry 23 pts (15)
33 Handford, Sugar Ray 23 pts (16)
34 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)


Div C: [18 up]

Overall Position 11 Players Score (Course H'cap)
8 McIntosh, Barry 31 pts (22)
13 Blazsanyik, Stephen 30 pts (18)
17 Lindborg, Bob 28 pts (22)
18 Bryan, James 28 pts (18)
19 McAdam, Bruce 28 pts (23)
23 Little, James 26 pts (18)
24 Allen, Keith 26 pts (18)
27 Beilby, Eddy 25 pts (18)
28 Hall, Adam 25 pts (30)
31 Makara, Andrew 24 pts (23)
35 Studds, Roy 11 pts (38)




Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
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Monday, 08 February 2016 12:41

Green Valley Fri 5 Feb: Hole in One!

With one of the biggest regular competition fields in recent months, it's good to see that the high season is finally in full swing, and what a day it was for one of our frequent players, Yasu Arakawa from Japan, who scored his first ever hole in One on the 16th hole. Yasu, hitting a 9 iron on the 145yrd pin location, landed on the green and on the second bounce, went straight into the hole. According to Yasu, it wasn't his best shot and it was thinned a bit, but as they say, the scorecard doesn't tell pictures and Yasu's name will be added on the board at Green Valley for his special achievement. We just had to give Yasu a special gift from the Outback in addition to his prize money as can be seen in the picture on this very memorable day for him as he was congratulated by everyone on this busy friday afternoon at the Outback.

With the large field we had, paying out 5 places in two divisions, Division B being 18 handicap and up, saw Bryan James with 31 points in 5th place, Keith Allen 4th with 32 points, Satu Lehtonen from Estonia 3rd with 34 points. Brendan Cope scored well again with 37 points to finish 2nd, and Reijo Heiskanen from Finland 1st with 38 points. In the A division, Yasu scored 35 points in addition to his hole in one to finish 5th, Mike Missler 36 points in 4th place, Yurie Murakami from Japan with 37 points, playing partner Sunanta Cotterell from Thailand in 2nd with 37 pts as well, and Maurice Copan from Canada finishing 1st with 41 points.

It is really great seeing such a wonderful international field playing at the Outback with 7 Nationalities making up our podium winners.

Green Valley Hole in one 5 Feb

In the picture: Yasu Arakawa, with Sunanta Cotterell and Yuri Murakami. 

Div A: [0-16]

Overall Position 16 Players Score (Course H'cap)
2 Heiskanen, Reijo 38 pts (19)
3 Cope, Brendan 37 pts (24)
10 Lehtonen, Satu 34 pts (26)
13 Allen, Keith 32 pts (18)
14 Bryan, James 31 pts (18)
17 Beilby, Eddy 30 pts (18)
18 Huomo, Matti 29 pts (18)
21 McIntosh, Barry 28 pts (22)
22 Parker, Tom 26 pts (21)
23 Lindborg, Bob 26 pts (22)
27 Makara, Andrew 25 pts (23)
29 Studds, Roy 22 pts (38)
30 Little, James 21 pts (18)
31 Turner, Ed 21 pts (20)
33 Blazsanyik, Stephen 20 pts (18)
34 McAdam, Bruce 20 pts (23)

Div B: [17 Up]

Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
Overall Position 20 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Copan, Maurice 41 pts (12)
4 Duangwaw, Sunanta 37 pts (16)
5 Murakami, Yurie 37 pts (16)
6 Missler, Mike 36 pts (10)
7 Arakawa, Yasumasa 35 pts (7)
8 Cotterell, Wayne 35 pts (13)
9 Stimpson, Geoff 34 pts (5)
11 Lenoury, Peter 33 pts (11)
12 Stafford, John 32 pts (16)
15 Oakes, Tony 31 pts (11)
16 Roche, Gerry 31 pts (17)
19 Finley, Robert 29 pts (15)
20 Puhakka, Petri 28 pts (15)
24 Wilson, Scott 26 pts (17)
25 Nixon, Peter C 26 pts (10)
26 Handford, Sugar Ray 25 pts (16)
28 Van Heetvelde, Willy 23 pts (17)
32 Plant, Steve 21 pts (11)
35 Mattes, Bob 19 pts (16)
36 Richards, Jason 18 pts (12)
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Green Valley Medal - Fri 29 Jan

Another good turn out for our medal event which started uneventful except that we heard there was a large field of Korean players snuggled up ahead on the 8th hole and that the field was very full. Sure enough, shortly before long our leading groups caught up with the traffic ahead and from there it's been slow going with an almost 5 hour round for our groups at the back. Who said High Season is good!? Greens were slow (as they are at Green Valley), but in general, very few complaints from the field.

Scoring was hard for some in a medal format. Roy Studds persisted through some real golf hardship and handed in a card with a 136 gross. I think that is a new record for a medal event at the Outback and kudu's to Roy for seeing it through till the last ball dropped!

On the positive end of the scale, in joint 5th place were three players on 76 net - Sugar Ray Handford, Eddy Beilby and Bob Lindborg. I really dont know how these guys do it, but they usually do an awesome job to always stay in the money! In 4th net place and our Gross Winner, Geoff Stimpson recorded a 79 gross and net 74. In third place on his own, Mike Missler is working hard to get his game back in shape, and did good to finish with a net 72. In joint second place, JP Maffray came back to form and Kim Danboise's game continue to improve as both of these guys scored 71 net. The big winner of the day, scoring a fabulous net 66 which is 5 shots ahead of the rest of the field, Ken Hole walked away with the last trophy in the series. 

With only 3 two's recorded in a relatively large field, congratulations to Ken Hole, Peter Lenoury and Peter Nixon! Well done guys! 

In our featured photo this week, 1st place and 2nd place winners Ken Hole and Kim Danboise:

Green Valley Medal Winners Jan 



Pos Name Tour Hcp Total Gross   Net Score Net Back Score
1  Hole, Ken 19 85   66 35
2  Maffray, Jean 12 83   71 32
2  Danboise, Kim 12 83   71 35
4  Missler, Mike 10 82   72 35
5  Stimpson, Geoff 5 79   74 37
6  Beilby, Eddy 18 94   76 37
6  Handford, Sugar Ray 16 92   76 37
6  Lindborg, Bob 22 98   76 38
9  Pavloff, Paul 5 83   78 35
9  Ovens, Mal 15 93   78 38
9  Deletraz, Michel 9 87   78 38
9  Reed, Alex D 12 90   78 42
13  Nixon, Peter C 10 89   79 38
14  Lenoury, Peter 11 91   80 38
14  Copestake, Barry 15 95   80 38
16  Mattes, Bob 16 97   81 36
16  Allen, Mark 14 95   81 38
16  Byrne, Tom 13 94   81 44
19  Turner, Ed 20 102   82 40
19  Finley, Robert 14 96   82 41
21  Stafford, John 16 99   83 39
21  Makara, Andrew 23 106   83 41
21  Davies, David 26 109   83 43
24  McAdam, Bruce 23 108   85 46
25  Allen, Keith 18 104   86 47
26  Richards, Jason 12 100   88 42
27  Blazsanyik, Stephen 19 108   89 48
28  Studds, Roy 38 136   98 47
Andy 39 pts (10)
3 Turner, Ed 33 pts (21)
4 Stafford, Bernie 33 pts (15)
5 Nixon, Peter 32 pts (09)
6 Plunkett, Ivan 31 pts (25)
7 Pelly, Dennis 31 pts (15)
8 Finley, Bob 31 pts (16)
9 Jolley, Nev 31 pts (19)
10 Marsh, Peter 30 pts (22)
11 Stimpson, Geoff 30 pts (07)
12 Moon, Peter 30 pts (21)
13 Stonebridge, Pete 30 pts (20)
14 Hoge, Stefan 27 pts (18)
15 Curtis, Kevin 26 pts (25)
16 Little, Jimmy 26 pts (19)
17 Sheppard, Murray 24 pts (26)
18 Penfold, Chris 9 pts (36)
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Green Valley Betterball Fri 1 Jan

With a couple of hangovers after New year's eve, we eased the comp a little bit and played a Betterball Stableford competition. This format is a pairs competition where the best net stableford score from the team is recorded per hole. As was demonstrated in the results, it's not necessarily the highest points per player that wins, but how good the team "dovetails" and helping each other out on the holes where one of the players has a booboo.

Congratulations to Phil Payne and John Stafford which, despite only scoring 29 and 27 points respectively, held things together between them to finish with a good 38 points. In second place, Raivo Velsberg and Tom Byrne both scored better individually than Phil and John, but lost on countback to a superior back nine of Phil and John.

In future, we will see how we can work in this enjoyable format in a monthly competition.

GolfReport Green Valley 1 Jan 


Overall Position 18 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Beilby, Eddy 39 pts (19)
4 Byrne, Tom 37 pts (16)
8 Makara, Andy 36 pts (26)
11 Murakami, Yurte 33 pts (16)
13 Stafford, John 33 pts (16)
15 Doody, Geoff 32 pts (22)
16 Kittilsen, Jon 32 pts (18)
17 Doody, Kathy 31 pts (17)
18 Davies, David 31 pts (26)
20 McAdam, Bruce 31 pts (24)
21 Hamilton, Kevin 30 pts (15)
22 Handford, Sugar Ray 30 pts (17)
25 Thompson, Chris 30 pts (23)
26 Temime, Thierry 30 pts (24)
27 Blazsanyik, Stephen 29 pts (20)
29 Cotterell, Sunanta 29 pts (15)
30 Lambert, Girard 28 pts (25)
31 Mattes, Bob 28 pts (17)
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Devere Monthly Medal 11 Dec

A rather busy day with Jay Rouche, Sven Lund and Reijo Heiskanen's group of 11 playing with us. Welcome to our medal day guys! We did manage to get off to a good start but with a lot of groups playing, there are always a bit of a wait, so thanks for the patience at the back! Thank you as well to Greg Hirst, our Devere monthly medal sponsor who joined us at the start of our day. Green Valley is in pretty good condition at the moment, although I always feel that the greens can be a bit quicker. 

8 Players played a better net than handicap with Bob Lindborg, Eddy Beilby and Kim Danboise all scoring 71 net for 6th place. Joint 4th, with 70 net was myself and Bob Mattes. Barry Mcintosh, finishing with a net 69 from his 23 handicap was 3rd in solo place. Chris Thompson with a 67 net fought it out with John Stafford but came second. John Stafford, who has been threatening for the last few weeks to be the winner made it this time with a fine 66 from his 15 handicap. My gross 78 was good enough to secure the Gross Winner medal (on countback from Geoff Stimpson).

Plenty of two's today with Chris Thompson scoring 2 two's [12 and 16]. John Stafford [8], Choppa [8], Pekka Palmu [12], Jay Roche [12], Pekka Suominen [16], and Tom Byrne [16] all recording a single two.

Well done to all!

In our featured picture this week, from left to right:Chris Thompson (2nd net), Andre Coetzee (4th & low gross), Bob Mattes (joint 4th), John Stafford (Overall Winner - 1st Net), Kim Danboise, Eddy Beilby and Bob Lindborg (joint 6th).

Monthly Medal Dec 2015


Overall Position 37 Players

Net Score [Course H'cap]

1 Stafford, John Net 66 [15]
2 Thompson, Christopher Net 67 [25]
3 McIntosh, Barry Net 69 [23]
4 Coetzee, Andre Net 70 [8] & Low gross
5 Mattes, Bob Net 70 [17]
6 Lindborg, Bob Net 71 [23]
7 Beilby, Eddy Net 71 [18]
8 Danboise, Kim Net 71 [14]
9 Stimpson, Geoff Net 72 [6]
10 Finley, Robert Net 72 [15]
11 Murakami, Yurte Net 72 [16]
12 Suominen, Olli Pekka Net 73 [9]
13 Arakawa, Yasumasa Net 73 [7]
14 Davies, David Net 73 [26]
15 Byrne, Tom Net 73 [14]
16 Hermann, Mathias Net 74 [7]
17 Roche, Gerry Net 74 [17]
18 McAdam, Bruce Net 76 [24]
19 Rothman, Kerry Net 77 [14]
20 Lund, Svenn Net 77 [12]
21 Lenoury, Peter Net 78 [9]
22 Viljakainen, Mika Net 79 [6]
23 Kangas, Jukka Net 79 [14]
24 Braithwaite, Jarod Net 80 [15]
25 Pullen, Shaun Net 80 [25]
26 Huomo, Matti Net 80 [19]
27 Heiskanen, Reijo Net 80 [18]
28 Suominen, Anne Maija Net 80 [29]
29 Maffray, Jean Net 80 [10]
30 Kittilsen, John Net 80 [18]
31 Marson, Howard