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Monday, 27 March 2017 10:51

Khao Keow Wed 22 Mar

With a decent group of golfers visiting Khao Keow this week, we plan to have a lot more golf at Khao Keow during the low season (starting April) with a very low price of 1550 for Greenfee, caddy and cart, so keep an eye on our low season calendar to join us for this fabulous track. Also good to see Dennis Pelly back on his feet after his scare with the other side of life a few weeks ago.

Roy Steinbach is becoming a threat to our usual competitors, spending countless hours on the driving range (with Facebook selfies to prove it), scoring an eagle two weeks ago at Green Valley on a par 4, and this week beating the field on obvious tough playing conditions, his 36 points taking the winning spot this week. Thomas Luescher managed to beat Geoff Braithwaite on countback with 35 points for 2nd and 3rd places, with Steve Nellis and Adam Farrell taking up 4 and 5th spots respectively. 

Three 2's today by Adam Farrell, Gordon Etheridge and Steve Plant.

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Published in March 2017
Friday, 28 April 2017 08:55

Khao Keow Wed 19 April

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Published in April 2017
Friday, 28 April 2017 09:40

Khao Keow Sat 20 April

As usual our Saturday round comprise of a Pot and Skins tournament where every receives 3/4 handicap and the net scores of each hole is compared against one another. A hole is won when a player has an outright lower net than anyone else, otherwise that hole reward carries over to the next hole.

The Pot part of the skins tournament is played as usual with only the top position possibly receiving a prize depending on how many players participated. 

This is a great format for a relaxed Saturday of golf with a couple of mates and a few beers as no matter how bad your day goes, you possibly only need to have 1 good hole to get into the prizes!

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 12:51

Khao Keow Wed 5 April

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Thursday, 03 August 2017 21:45

Khao Keow Wed 26 July

Lots of unreturned scorecards means that the winning roster looks particulary small today! Well done John Cogan - winning with 37 pts! Steve Mann made it to 2nd spot on the small field with John Hoddy getting the only two of the day.

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Published in July 2017
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