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Tuesday, 07 February 2017 16:00

Green Valley Fri 3 Feb

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This week was a particular busy week for us, and whilst myself and 3 other Outback players were out trying to beat the other golf society's in the Pattaya matchplay event, all the organising was left up to Tawan, who once again did a marvelous job, even with a lot of stress on her shoulders (and misbehaving tree's driving into the back of our new minibus etc.) A lot of our society golfers encourages me to play more with other groups, something they call networking. However, the truth is rather that they prefer Tawan to organising the start than me, and they just want me out of the way I think! Not fair guys! Not Fair! 

A few early morning raindrops did not distract our field of 40 players from queing up in line to hand Tawan some money, clearly the highlight of the day for some of them judging by the results. In the B division, with handicap 20 and up today, Shay Mitchell made it into the winner circle yet again with a good 35 points, beating off two other contestants also on 35 points. (Eddy) Edward Beilby is on a comeback with his 38 points in 4th place. Jim Bell scored an excellent 39 points to finish in 3rd place, with Roy Johan Steinbach scoring 41 points on a very good day for him. However, not even that was good enough to win the B division, and Stefan Hoge scored an amazing 42 points to walk away with the laurels in this division. In the A division, Jim Brackett scored 36 points to win 5th place, with Pat Regan scoring a better back nine to win 4th place. Kim Danboise scored a great 37 points to come 3rd, Steve Plant 2nd with 38 points and the A division winner today, John Stafford with a great 39 points.

There were 4 two's today - Paul Hack, John Stafford, Pat Regan and Bob Mattes.

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