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Monday, 12 December 2016 00:20

Burapha Mon 5 Dec

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We're joined today by a couple of Siam weekday members who did not want to pay the ridiculous Holiday prices there, not that Burapha has a great deal going on the Public Holiday either by the way! Nonetheless, 14 players on a Pubic Holiday Monday at Burapha is good going and a couple of folks got really good value judging by the amount of points they raked up! 

I don't think the Outback bus was ever hit by a golf ball, but as Tawan drove the bus to the clubhouse in Burapha a Korean chap's tee shot went haywire and he ended up smacking a nice little dent in the minibus. The normal thing would be for a Thai lady to demand compensation, (and plenty of it), but not Tawan. She just accepted the highly embarrassed Korean fella's apology and went on her way again. Let's face it, the way I sometime hit the ball off the tee, it could have been me. Although with my luck, the wallet would have required opening, no doubt!

In 4th place Bob Lindborg scored a very good 37 points with 17 on the back nine to finish in 4th spot. KB Lee outpaced Bob on the back nine to capture 3rd place. First and second place was an entirely different matter. How often does one loose with 43 points! In this case, the unlucky fella was Chris Thompson, who's 22 points on the back nine with 43 points overall got him 2nd place. John Langley shot a superb 3 over par back nine that gave him 24 points on the back nine with his overall 43 points. Great going John! 

There were two 2's - Chris Thompson and Bob Lindborg.

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