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Sunday, 29 November 2015 12:24

Khao Keow Weds 25 November

A couple of weeks ago when we went back to Khao Keow, there were some marked improvements from the last time we played back in July and after which we decided to dump the course due to poor form. Returning this week, reviews could not have been better and everyone thought the greens were back to Khao Keow standards, the course looked absolutely amazing, and everyone suggested that it should be a keeper for our alternate Wednesdays.

Playing off the white tee's on the difficult B and C courses, with a stiff wind requiring 2 extra clubs into the wind, the scoring did not reflect the good condition of the course, and in general, everyone seemed to have struggled to such an extend that not a single player managed better than 32 points. Tied with 32 points, were 4 players however, all decided on countback with Andy Makara in 4th, Geoff Stimpson in 3rd, Stevie Mann in 2nd, and for some odd reason, always at the top, Peter Nixon!

We had two 2's today with Peter Nixon and Geoff Stimpson both recording theirs on hole 17 (C8).

Competition Results:

Overall Position 10 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Nixon, Peter 32 pts (11)
2 Mann, Stephen 32 pts (12)
3 Stimpson, Geoff 32 pts (08)
4 Makara, Andy 32 pts (28)
5 Brown, Wally 31 pts (16)
6 Handford, Sugar Ray 31 pts (20)
7 Missler, Mike 27 pts (11)
8 Kittilsen, Jon 24 pts (20)
9 Braemer, Greg 23 pts (32)
10 Thompson, Chris 23 pts (26)
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Sunday, 13 December 2015 12:18

Khao Keow B&C Weds 9 Dec

We were lucky enough to get onto the B&C courses at Khao Keow and the course played well. Playing from the yellow tee's make Khao Keow a good challenge so the scoring was in my view spot on with only two players getting scores better than handicap.

In 3rd place today, Andy Makara came in with 34 points after scoring a fabulous first 9 and then falling apart on the back 9. In 2nd place, loosing on countback after playing from the blue tees with a great tee to green game but no less than 7 three putts, was myself. My game is seemingly on the mend after a disastrous few months. If I can only put again!

Sugar Ray Handford, also on 37 points with a back nine of 19 points was our crowned winner for today.  Sugar has been playing consistently well over the last few weeks, and with only one 2 recorded all day on C8, it certainly turned out a good day for Sugar getting that feat as well! 

Competition Results:

Overall Position 12 Players Score (Course H'cap)
1 Handford, Sugar Ray 37 pts (17)
2 Coetzee, Andre 37 pts (13)
3 Makara, Andrew 34 pts (23)
4 Plant, Steve 32 pts (13)
5 Mann, Stephen 32 pts (9)
6 Rothman, Kerry 31 pts (14)
7 Pullen, Shaun 31 pts (25)
8 Danboise, Kim 30 pts (14)
9 Kittilsen, John 30 pts (18)
10 Braemar, Greg 26 pts (29)
11 Thompson, Christopher 26 pts (24)
12 Clegg, Gordon 24 pts (33)
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Sunday, 28 May 2017 23:17

Khao Keow Wed 24 May

Another rain interrupted round of golf, speaking to the caddies they informed us that the previous day they had no rain, yet the match play fixture between the Outback and the Players Lounge was completely washed out this was held at Pattana  a  maximum of 10k,s away!

The course was not at its best but still remains a severe challenge to a Handicap golfer, the scores reflecting this.

Top of the tree for the second week running was John Hoddy 35 points, in second place Neil Lavery with 31 points.

Shot of the day went to Mr Charlie Bryan, the best ever shot hes played in his short career, an iron onto the island green which left the ball nestling next to the pin. Tap in Birdie which led to high fives and fist pumps from his playing partners.

This was the only 2 so Charlie picked up the pot, and duly spent the lot plus more re-living his glory moment. 

GolfReport Khao Keow 24May 520

Published in May 2017
Sunday, 07 January 2018 23:08

Khao Keow Sat 23 Dec

GolfReport Khao Keow 23 Dec

Published in December 2017
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