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Tuesday, 19 July 2016 10:43

Khao Keow Wed 22 June


Flight Pos Name HCP Index Playing Hcp Tee Gross Score Net Points Net Back Points
A 1 Makara, Andrew 25.4 27 Yellow 95 40 18
A 2 Low, John 12.8 13 Yellow 85 36 17
A 3 Coetzee, Andre 8 13 Blue 86 35 18
A 4 Hope, Don 28.6 30 Yellow 107 31 14
A 5 Smith, Neil 12.5 13 Yellow 91 30 12
A 6 Aslett, Tony 24.4 26 Yellow 107 29 16
A 7 Mann, Stephen 9.9 10 Yellow 96 22 13
A 8 Hampson, Rogan 27.6 29 Yellow 122 15 8



Published in June 2016
Sunday, 31 July 2016 20:57

Khao Keow Wed 27 July

Playing terribly on our recent tour to Phuket, Andy Makara has returned in a big way with 40 points last week and coming in with an eyebrow raising 42 points this week to clinch our Khao Keow tournament. That's great Andy, keep working on getting that handicap down again! In 2nd place was (Bill) William Peach, scoring an impressive 37 points from the Silver tee's on his course adjusted handicap. That is great going Bill, and a well deserved 2nd spot after getting 4th place on Monday at Burapha. Third place went to Sugar Ray Handford with a good 36 points on one of his favorite courses. (Eddy) Edward Beilby is never far out of the picture with his 34 points in 4th place, beating Hans-Georg Bufe who ended up 5th on count back. Well Done Guys.


GolfReport Khao Keow 27 July

Published in July 2016
Sunday, 09 October 2016 11:26

Khao Keow Wed 5 Oct

The number of players jumped from about 10 players on Tuesday afternoon to a much larger field of 5 groups by start on Wednesday. Luckily it is still low season so no issues in adding two groups more than booked. Feedback is that the course played really good with the greens and fairways in beautiful condition. Thanks to Bob (Robert Newell), our new Manager at the Outback, for getting the boys organised at the course and welcome to the new players joining us.

In 5th place today, Frosty came in with a solid 37 points. He was beaten on count back by Thierry Petrement with a better back nine of 19 points. Bob (Robert Newell) who suffered from a stiff back due to slipping on a wet banana skin (or some excuse), played very good to finish with 38 points. In 2nd place, Acco (Dave Atkinson) played exceptionally well albeit on his dodgy handicap to finish with 40 points, but the show of the day went to Carl Luke who had a magnificent 41 points to capture the day. 

There were three two's today - Francis Goons, Thierry Petrement, and Carl Luke.

Due to the popularity of Khao Keow, we will continue to play Khao Keow every first Wednesday of the month throughout the upcoming high season. Hope to see you there!

Khao Keow 5 Oct Winners

Carl Luke (1st), David Frost (5th) and Bob Newell (3rd)

 GolfReport Khao Keow 5 Oct


Published in October 2016
Monday, 12 December 2016 00:23

Khao Keow Wed 7 Dec

A good turn out for Khao Keow with a full 7 groups taking on the B and C courses. I don't know where all the low handicapped players suddenly come from, but our division split was only 0-13 in the A division and 14 up in the B division, which is quite surprising. Khao Keow is in really good condition, and the greens were in good nick. It was also one of the most pleasant and cool days in a long while, and although some pin placements were in really tough positions, the guys enjoyed a good day out with some very good scores.

In the B division, Gerard Lambert scored 37 points taking him into 3rd spot, (Acco) David Atkinson had another good round with 39 but lost on count back to Christopher Barr, one of our English friends enjoying a great vacation out here.

In the A division, David Lloyd is also enjoying his holiday out here with a good 36 points to end up 3rd place. Steve Mann had a good day out with 37 points, and Thierry Petrement had a great round to finish first with his 39 points. KB Lee and Kim Danboise each recorded a two.

Khao Keow 7 Dec Winners

From Left to right: Chris Barr, David Lloyd,Thierry Petrement, Steve Mann, Gerard Lambert and KB Lee

GolfReport Khao Keow 7 Dec

Published in December 2016
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 12:00

Khao Keow - Wed 15 Feb

With 20 golfers playing in the competition today (our tour group of 12 from Wales opting to play in their own competition), it was surprising again that only one player scored better than handicap. Khao Keow, like everywhere else was very busy with a couple of other society's also liking the course on this Wednesday. Playing from the harder yellow tee's, there was a howling wind with most players hitting 2-3 club's more on holes like the island par 3 (B8) and also C8. So for some folks, the 120yrd shot got played with 6irons or even s much as 5 woods.

Stephen Watkins was very surprised when he heard that he won 5th prize with a very average 28 points and the better count back. With 30 points, Kim Danboise's score was good enough for 4th place, beaten by Andy Andrew Makara with a better back nine. Sugar Ray Handford did very well to sneak in with 35 points into 2nd place, and our Irish visitor Vinnie Connellan beat handicap to finish on 37 points and 1st place overall.

GolfReport Khao Keow 15Feb 520

Published in February 2017
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